The Bleacher Report Writer Ranking system is designed to help B/R authors track their career progress relative to their peers in the B/R Writer Program. To that end, B/R recognizes and rewards authorial excellence with two related species of spoils:

  • First, writers can accumulate medals and badges for one-time accomplishments, including publishing high-quality articles or winning monthly Top Writer competitions.
  • Second, and perhaps even more importantly, writers can accumulate points on the basis of their one-time achievements to advance through a series of hierarchical "reputation" levels, each of which entails access to new perks and heightened prestige.

In sum, B/R's Writer Rankings incentivize behavior consistent with the principles of genuinely "great" sports journalism: Authors are encouraged (1) to do their best work every time they publish and (2) to sustain that effort over the long run. It's by no means an easily-achieved ideal—but then again greatness wouldn't be greatness if it were easy to do.

Medals and Badges

The thrill of publishing a singularly exceptional article is every great sportswriter's favorite feeling—which is why B/R rewards the one-time successes of its authors with three distinct classes of medals:

  • Hot Read medals are awarded for publishing articles which attract at least 1,000 readers.
  • Great Debate medals are awarded for publishing articles which generate at least 25 reader comments.
  • Lead Story medals are awarded for publishing articles which are selected to appear in the lead story rotator at the top of the Bleacher Report home page.

As you accumulate medals during your B/R career, the hardware will be prominently displayed on your B/R Profile. Depending on the extent of your achievements, you'll be eligible to obtain ascending "gem levels" of each medal class per the terms of the following scale:

Medal Hot ReadsArticle has... Great DebateArticle has... Lead StoryWriter has written...
Bronze 1,000 reads 25 comments 1 lead story
Silver 2,000 reads 50 comments 10 lead stories
Gold 5,000 reads 100 comments 25 lead stories
Platinum 10,000 reads 200 comments 50 lead stories
Sapphire 25,000 reads 300 comments 100 lead stories
Ruby 50,000 reads 400 comments 250 lead stories
Diamond 100,000 reads 500 comments 500 lead stories

In addition to single-article medals, all B/R authors can earn badges for their exploits in B/R's monthly Top Writer competitions. Top Writer competitions are open to all authors covering the various news topics showcased by the network, and Top Writer badges are awarded to competitors who place first, second, or third (on the basis of article visits) in any sport-, league-, or team-specific contest.

Author Points and Reputation Levels

It's one thing to make a splash with a single stellar article. It's quite another thing, though, to maintain superior quality standards on a day-in, day-out basis—and B/R goes to great lengths to recognize and reward its most consistent authors with a comprehensive system of author points and reputation levels.

In the coming months and years, you'll collect small bounties of B/R author points for your various one-time publishing accomplishments. If you approach your work with skill and diligence, you'll ascend through the hierarchical reputation levels of the B/R Writer Rankings, eventually establishing yourself among the network's highest-profile publishers. Even better, your trip up the ladder of success will make you eligible for an increasingly tempting variety of perks and privileges.

At present, B/R doles out author points and assigns author reputation levels per the terms of the following scales:


Winning a Hot Read, Great Debate, or Lead Story medal 10 points per "gem level" Each successive medal "gem level" earns 10 additional points for the recipient author. For example, a Gold Hot Read medal is worth 30 total points, because Gold is the third "gem level" in the medal hierarchy (after Bronze and Silver).
Publishing at least one article a day for 5 consecutive days 50 points
Winning a first-place Top Writer badge in a league-wide competition 300 points At present, B/R conducts monthly league-wide Top Writer competitions for the following leagues:
NFL, CFB, NBA, NHL, MLB, MMA, World Football, Pro Wrestling
Winning a second-place Top Writer badge in a league-wide competition 150 points
Winning a third-place Top Writer badge in a league-wide competition 100 points
Winning a first-place Top Writer badge in a team-specific competition 150 points At present, B/R conducts monthly team specific Top Writer competitions for teams that have an active writer base in the following leagues:
Winning a second-place Top Writer badge in a team-specific competition 100 points
Winning a third-place Top Writer badge in a team-specific competition 50 points
Contributing to an invitation-only B/R Event Coverage Team for a showcased event 50 points B/R Event Coverage Teams are periodically assembled to cover major sporting events. Team members are selected on the basis of the proficiency they've demonstrated in covering the event-related league or sport during the course of their B/R careers.

Author Reputation Levels: General Writer Program

Writer Level Points Threshold
Chief Writer III 12,000 points
Chief Writer II 10,000 points
Chief Writer I 8,000 points
Senior Writer III 6,000 points
Senior Writer II 5,000 points
Senior Writer I 4,000 points
Senior Analyst III 3,000 points
Senior Analyst II 2,500 points
Senior Analyst I 2,100 points
Analyst III 1,600 points
Analyst II 1,300 points
Analyst I 1,000 points
Correspondent III 700 points
Correspondent II 500 points
Correspondent I 300 points
Contributor III 100 points
Contributor II 50 points
Contributor I 0 points

Author Reputation Levels: Featured Columnist Program

Upon achieving Featured Columnist status, an author enters the "Columnist Level" hierarchy as a "Featured Columnist I" with 0 Featured Columnist author points.

Columnist Level Points Threshold
Featured Columnist IV 14,000 points
Featured Columnist III 8,000 points
Featured Columnist II 2,000 points
Featured Columnist I 0 points

The points-and-levels formula of the B/R Writer Ranking system was conceived with the ultimate aim of allowing every author to chart a unique course on his or her road to the top. As you pursue your B/R career, your personal point total and reputation level will give you all the information you need, first, to gauge exactly where you stand among your peers; and, second, to determine exactly what steps you can take to get ahead of the pack. After that, all you'll have to do is sit down at the keyboard and rise to the occasion.