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  • matt alexander posted 2954 days ago

    matt alexander

    just a question of when do you think that we should be lookin for teheran to be what he's been gyped to be(future ace) and not just a fifth starter. i realize he has to be a mainstay in the rotation, but i'm thinkin 2014 he should be a #2?

  • matt alexander posted 2969 days ago

    matt alexander

    get a tickle in my balls when i read this.. lmaohttp://bravesbanter.com/2013/02/19/braves-ceo-terry-mcguirk-were-not-done-is-david-price-coming-to-atlanta/:

  • Daniel Kock posted 2976 days ago

    Daniel Kock

    I literally just asked about this! He said he was going to check on that but haven't seen a change. I guess I'll have to keep bugging them about it haha.

  • Kyle Tait posted 3007 days ago

    Kyle Tait

    Gavin, Thanks for the note. I'm glad to be here and excited to work on a new journalistic endeavor. Everything to date has been in radio for me, so writing is a new front that I'm glad to get to work on as I prepare for a new season.

  • Ross Beckler posted 3037 days ago

    Ross Beckler

    So what is your gut feeling about left field or 3rd base for Atlanta in 2013? I still believe a trade will happen but think it may be someone closer to Reed Johnson than BJ Upton. Maybe going after someone who hasn't panned out instead of going after proven veterans. Someone like Chris Coughlan, Michael Brantley, Tony Campana. Thoughts? Im sure those guys aren't available but Atlanta wouldn't have to move an elite arm for those guys.

  • justin zorn posted 3052 days ago

    justin zorn

    what are your thoughts on a three-way deal between the Braves Indians and Diamondbacks....Braves give up Graham or Teheran to Indians
    Braves give up Andrette Simons to Diamondbacks
    Indians give up Absdrubal Cabrera to the Braves
    Indians give up Shin-soo Choo to the Diamondbacks
    Diamondbacks give up Justin Upton to the Braves
    Diamondbacks give up Trevor Bauer to the Indians

  • David Aldridge posted 3056 days ago

    David Aldridge

    Thanks for the comment and for welcoming me to the B/R community. I look forward to reading your articles.

  • Amber Lee posted 3111 days ago

    Amber Lee

    Hey hottie. Thanks so much for fanning me on here <3

  • Ron Mozingo posted 3111 days ago

    Ron Mozingo

    I hope I did not offend you Gavin when I said you were extremely hot, just being honest. Are u single?

  • Ron Mozingo posted 3113 days ago

    Ron Mozingo

    You are way hot and very cute Gavin!!