Bruce Smith

Bruce Smith


I am writing for bleacher report because I believe that Philly sports fans should be heard.

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  • D. Walker posted 3885 days ago

    D. Walker

    Bruce, Thanks for the 'like' on the Boise St. ranked #2 article. I greatly appreciate it. If there is anything I can ever do to help with your writing, just holler!

    D. Walker

  • glenn warciski posted 4489 days ago

    glenn warciski


    Before the draft, what do you think were the Eagles major need or needs?

    Do you think Joe Banner and company addressed this need or needs?

    What players do you think will make an impact right away?

    What players are guys which were added for depth?

    Of any of the picks, which one is a "diamond in the rough"?

    Which pick if any are you scratching your head, thinking why did they draft this guy?

    On the current roster, what player's job is in jeopardy? In other words, the Eagles drafted guys today, what veteran guy or guys because of bad performance, injury, or salary reasons may not make the roster?

    Do you think with the players picked up in free agency and the draft, the Eagles can get to the next level in 08? ie winning the division and perhaps Super Bowl

    Please email your thoughts to

    Thank you,

  • Zander Freund posted 4496 days ago

    Zander Freund

    Hey Bruce,

    This is Zander Freund, Bleacher Report's Content and Community Director.

    Just saw this:

    Did you write the original article on the Eagles website? It is in violation of Bleacher Report's Terms of Use to publish articles under your name that you did not write.

    Please get back to me and clarify the situation. I'm not trying to get you in trouble, just trying to deal with the situation appropriately.

    If you didn't write the article, I'll just go ahead and delete it. Let me know.


  • glenn warciski posted 4498 days ago

    glenn warciski


    After the draft is over, I would like you to comment on the Eagle draft selections. Please email me at I will post them on my Giants blog.

    I enjoyed reading your article about the Eagles upcoming season. I like your passion.

    As a Giants fan, I think if the Eagles stay healthy and find a wide out for McNabb, I think they can win the division.

    be well.