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Mike's an avid Browns fan who in his spare time is attending the Kellogg School of Management. Last season was the first year (hopefully of many) that he did play by play analysis of Browns games. Check out those reviews in his blog:

Also, he reminds himself of the recent history of the team regularly, by keeping the Kevin Johnson jersey that he received as a gift for his birthday in his closet

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  • Paul Augustin, Jr. posted 4359 days ago

    Paul Augustin, Jr.

    Round one of the battle of NFL divisions continues with the AFC North vs. the AFC South.

    Please vote in the poll!!

  • Kendall Murray posted 4392 days ago

    Kendall Murray


    I checked out your Weblog. Great stuff. I haven't read all of it (you've got a lot of info there) but I'll get some time to look closer soon.

    I get the sense that we won't agree on all topics, but I look forward to some great, objective discussions in the future.