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Founder and writer of Bases and Baskets

First article: May 31, 2012
100,000 reads: July 2012
Promoted to Featured Columnist: July 2012
200,000 reads: August 2012

Over 60 total awards including three articles with over 10,000 reads. I have also interviewed Hall of Famer Clyde Drexler

First article: Why Oklahoma City Needs to Trade Russell Westbrook to Win
Most popular article: Oakland Raiders: 5 Players That Will Make the 2012 Pro Bowl Team
Best article (also has over 200 Facebook likes): 5 Reasons LeBron James Is Already Better Than Kobe Bryant
Most commented article: Can the 2012 Raiders Be Better than the 2011 49ers?

I was a three sport varsity athlete in high school and have followed baseball and basketball for as long as I can remember. A Bay Area native, you'll find me pulling for the SF Giants, Golden State Warriors, and (to the chagrin of the Niner fans in my family) the Oakland Raiders.

In my free time I love to do anything remotely involved in sports. I'll go for a bike ride or run, throw a baseball, football, or frisbee, shoot a basketball, swim, play some water polo or tennis, and will give you a decent game of golf.

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