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The 10 Players in History
1) Bill Russell
2) Michael Jordan
3) Magic Johnson
4) Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
5) Wilt Chamberlain
6) Kobe Bryant
7) Shaquille O'Neal
8) Tim Duncan
9) Larry Bird
10) Oscar Robertson

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  • Stephen A. Smith posted 2773 days ago

    Stephen A. Smith

    WTF, u have Bill Russell in front of MJ, ur stupid

  • King James posted 2809 days ago

    King James

    Lebron James is the Greatest player of All-Time. Hate all u want buddy

  • Mista Amazing posted 2827 days ago

    Mista Amazing


  • Neil Culton posted 2829 days ago

    Neil Culton

    Well who knew that Nash would miss half a season, or Gasol having knee problems, and Howad having shoulder problems, along with MWP tearing his meniscus? Or better yet, Hill having back problems and Blake getting injured as well? How can you put aside your differences? How is that not an excuse? 1-2 injuries is not an excuse but when your whole roster is out, then that is very acceptable. Using per 36 stats is silly. Compare Kaman's per 36 to Dwight. Is Kaman better than Dwight? So, I guess Kaman is better than Dwight, right? Kobe had the best rebounder on his team, as well as Gasol who averaged 9-10 boards. Look at who Paul had, please. "Rest of Kobe's game is weak". Which is why he averaged 27-6-6. In 2012, Paul averaged 20-9-3 with 36 mins a game. So obviously, per 36 is a lame excuse and doesn't matter much.

    LOL, are you really mentioning the years Kobe failed to make the playoffs? He failed to make it one year in 2005. And lost 4-3 to a Good Suns team with a cast of Walton, Parker, and Brown and Paul couldn't lead his team past the Grizzlies. Please. DO YOU REALIZE HIS CAST COMPARED TO PAUL's CAST? LOOOL.

    Why would Kobe take a page out of Wade's book? LOL. Like Howard has the keys to lead a team to a championship. LOL. He lead them when KG was out (got lucky) and he helped LAL to the championship in 2009. Why should Kobe step down? He doesn't look broken at all compared to Wade. He looks 100x time better, more athletic, etc. Wade has to. Wade's game is all athleticism. Two different players in terms of skill-wise where Kobe owns that category to pieces. Please. Wade averaged 16 PPG in the playoffs in 2013, and no one complains about having him recieve rings whereas Kobe averaged 25-5-5 through 2000-2002 playoffs and everyone is saying Shaq carried him. LOOL. Funny, right?

  • Calvin Rice posted 2829 days ago

    Calvin Rice

    Lakers weren't "destined" for that. They were destined to be a 60+ win team and finals contender. They failed to play up to their standards big time and deserve to rank as one of the most disappointing teams in NBA history because of that. Yes, they did have injuries, but that's no excuse. If they really wanted it, they could've put aside their differences (See '11 Heat/'07 Celtics).

    I'll use per-36 stats to compare Kobe and Paul. Kobe averages one more turnover a game, yet has half as many assists. Kobe averages half as many steals. Kobe has a lower FG%, 3P%, and FT%. Kobe only averages 1 more RPG despite being 6 inches taller. Kobe is only a superior scorer, the rest of his game is weak.

    You got CP3's stats wrong as well. He averaged 23 PPG and 6 APG, what did Kobe average? Right, nothing. Kobe's worst years are as an end of the bench player when he first started. You also completely ignored his mid-career years where he was ousted in the first round or even failed to make the playoffs (as the star player-mind you). Kobe is selfish, he doesn't care about winning, he cares only cares about his legacy. A player who really wants to win does whatever it takes, Kobe needed to take a page out of Wades book if he ever wanted a chance at another title but he let his ego get in the way.

  • Calvin Rice posted 2834 days ago

    Calvin Rice

    Look at the title "Top 10 Individual Players GOING INTO 2013-14".

    If you think Kobe is better then Chris Paul, you aren't even worth talking to. Anyone with common sense could see who's better now.

  • Mista Amazing posted 2858 days ago

    Mista Amazing

    Tell me about a chicken.

  • heats. . posted 2996 days ago

    heats. .

    ba-bakers!! ba-bakers!! hey bakers, lets deal something. oooh, smell
    something hot in the oven. lets open and see, oh champs 7+ years for
    heat!! riley lets trade haslem and picks for howard shall we:
    DEEP BENCH: MILLER, BIRDMAN, ANTHONY, COLE, battier, allen, lewis,
    pittman, future star harris, jones
    champs 7+ years!! smell it in the oven!! kfc... fresh!!

  • Samir posted 2996 days ago


    Haha, lol, ikr? And 10 boards to complete the double-double. Ain't nobody messing with Gray.
    I'm quite surprised he's not in your top 10

  • Jeremy Eckstein posted 2996 days ago

    Jeremy Eckstein

    Thanks so much for the fan add. I appreciate the support.