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I am an aspiring screenwriter. I have written 3 feature length films (2 comedies, 1 drama) and a Sitcom pilot. I am going to make it to the big time people! I didn’t read The Secret for nothing. So hop on the bandwagon early, so you can tell everyone that you discovered the genius Walt before everyone else. You never know what will happen. You may even wind up as one of the new friends I buy to replace my current group of loser friends (no offense to my loser friends).

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  • D.A. posted 4271 days ago


    Hey Walt,

    The best AND most underrated pitching trio reside in St. Louis


  • Patrick Cwiklinski posted 4315 days ago

    Patrick Cwiklinski

    Yeah I know it's getting pretty tiresome, but here's my take on Brett Favre's legacy.

    Take a look when you get minute.


  • Geoff Crawley posted 4354 days ago

    Geoff Crawley

    Greatest Defense Ever?



  • Geoff Crawley posted 4356 days ago

    Geoff Crawley

    Why Kevin Kolb, you ask? Why not Kevin Kolb?, I say?


  • Anthony Williamson posted 4356 days ago

    Anthony Williamson

    Thought I'd put some heat under some guys who need to step up for the 2009-2010 NFL Season! Check it out:


    Let me know what cha think!

  • Leroy Watson Jr. posted 4367 days ago

    Leroy Watson Jr.

    Hi Walt! How are you, my man?

    I’m finally back, after almost a week off. I returned with all guns blazing; I polished this piece until it shines like silver!


    Please stop by and give this piece a look. Let me know what you think afterward! Thanks so much for reading!

  • Geoff Crawley posted 4368 days ago

    Geoff Crawley

    It could happen...


  • Geoff Crawley posted 4369 days ago

    Geoff Crawley

    We got life, baby!!!