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NBA Featured Columnist, witty cynic, pretend NFL Draft expert, pro wrestling apologist, fantasy sports addict and master of useless information. I've been writing for awhile, but only a short time for Bleacher Report. I'm big on long-winded sports debates, so feel free to pick my brain.

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  • Marv Albert's Special Wardrobe posted 1380 days ago

    Marv Albert's Special Wardrobe

    Hey Dave, do you think you could write an article about the WORST 1-2 punches ever? With the caveat that they both have to be stars/emerging stars? I'd be interested to see where certain tandems would rank on the on a list of the worst/worst fit for star 1/2 punches.

  • Atlanta Hawks Fan posted 1592 days ago

    Atlanta Hawks Fan

    So glad they won last night...finally.

  • Atlanta Hawks Fan posted 1592 days ago

    Atlanta Hawks Fan

    Go Braves!

  • J D posted 1660 days ago

    J D

    YOU just earned an A for a surprising mastery of Useful information on Rockets playoff chances,

  • Hrithik Vemparala posted 1682 days ago

    Hrithik Vemparala

    in your recent article about teams with brighter futures,you left out the knicks ik that we'll suck next year but if we trade melo we will get a bucketload of picks, capspace in 2015 and phil jackson? any reason why you left it out?

  • Marc Grixous posted 1894 days ago

    Marc Grixous

    Do you even watch sports? Your analysis is retarded.

  • Casey Raymond posted 1955 days ago

    Casey Raymond

    Yeah, I totally agree, its almost like the draft starts at 5, as the top 1 - 5 players are great but debatable, as NO is in a great position to grab the best available 2nd key player (if that makes sense).
    A big question I have is, will they trade Eric Gordon and will they aim for success in 1 - 2 years or will they aim to draft high in the 2014 draft.

  • Casey Raymond posted 1956 days ago

    Casey Raymond

    Hey mate,

    I love your articles concerning the New Orleans Pelicans and the upcoming draft. It seems to me that there isn't alot of focus on what the Pelicans will do and you provide a great source of information. They are in a great position to pick up a player with great potential and high ceiling. Love your work mate, keep it up and would love to hear from you more

  • Jens Gehring posted 1990 days ago

    Jens Gehring

    hi Dave,

    like your articles you write about: New Orleans Pelicans even I´m a Mavs-Fan.
    I appreciate that you take time to debate with Comments-Makers :-)


  • Mark Johnson posted 1991 days ago

    Mark Johnson

    I was surprised Muhammad went over Oladipo, but I guess it's still a fit.

    And I think he's doing some good things with the Bucs, they could surprise some people.