Gareth Mars

Gareth Mars


I am Canadian and thus became a big fan of Bret Hart, who I could not believe was from the same town as me, Calgary, and the WWF champion. It was really something inspiring for me, which wanted me to get into wrestling. I tried it out in high school and in college and had the privilege of winning college level and high school level awards and honours.

I was offered chances to get into local promotions, which wrestled once month for fifty dollars a match. I tried it out for a year and had a lot of fun, but I finally decided that wrestling was something I could watch, but couldn't really do that well. I was interested in pharmacy like my father and pursued that after finally abandoning my dream of wrestling.

Regardless I am still a big fan of wrestling and have watched since 1993. Right now I find myself as a fan of Chris Jericho, who I consider one of the best performers of all time, and Christian, an underrated but extraordinarily gifted talent. Much like with WCW, I only started to watch TNA when my favourite star transferred over. In the case of TNA, it was Christian, and in the case of WCW, it was Bret Hart. I no longer watch TNA, though I am grateful that the promotion allowed one of my all time favourites to become a main event star.

I still go back and see that little promotion at times. I take my nephews when ever I have time. My finisher there was the only move I could do well; a single leg Boston Crab. I was pretty crap at performing, looking back, since I am terrible in front of crowds.

I watch Football, Soccer that is, and support Manchester United. It is truly the greatest sports team in the world.

UFC is another one of my interests. I can say shamelessly that I only watched for Lesnar, but I love it now. Dos Santos is wrecking machine and Overreem better watch it. I also support a fighter known as John Maguire. Check him out, he's quite good.

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  • *flicks hair*

  • Later... Mars.

  • We need you here man. On my last account I complimented your insight on wrestling & your awesome comments. So I think I should just return the favor here again.
    Where ever you are, hope you make your B/R return soon. It'll thrill the B/R Universe, lol.

  • Roan Robinson posted 2378 days ago

    Roan Robinson

    Man you have been missing for a while. Your opinion is needed on the forums because we need the logic.

  • Dustin Murrell posted 2449 days ago

    Dustin Murrell

    Have I mentioned you're one of my favorite readers?

  • Voodoo Magic posted 2455 days ago

    Voodoo Magic

    I feel like you and I need to give a little refresher on what, exactly, an "opinion" means. Ha! Thanks for commenting and being and rational contributor, bud.

  • Andy Soucek posted 2456 days ago

    Andy Soucek

    Hey Gareth, thanks for the props on my Worst of the Week column. You do a good job adding interesting things to the discussion. I agree that at least Goldust would have done Cody the favor of doing the job for him. I really wish that match would have been on instead.

  • Chris O Connall posted 2466 days ago

    Chris O Connall

    Thanks for the article like/prop

  • Voodoo Magic posted 2470 days ago

    Voodoo Magic

    I just noticed from your bio that you once wrestled...that sounds awesome! Did you at least enjoy the experience? I feel like you're one of the only people in this community who can say they actually did what they follow...

  • Dangggggg. Look at him. posted 2473 days ago

    Dangggggg. Look at him.

    You should write for BR. Surely, with some of the absolute idiots that they have writing, someone as knowlegable, and polite as you should be hired. I mean if that guy from Buffalo can be an analyst, they need you.