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  • Favorite Shirt posted 942 days ago

    Favorite Shirt

    How is it that you employ your tremendous grasp of the obvious in understanding a team has lost it's superstar running back and had a crippling problem with a decimated offensive line (Minnesota Vikings) yet seem to contradict yourself by placing blame on a quarterback's inability to "stretch the field" with a mere 2.5 seconds of time after the snap? To get the ball out before being sacked on nearly every passing play requires checking down, throwing the ball out of bounds or taking a sack. Characterizing Sam Bradford as a "checkdown king" in this impossible situation seems to indicate your lack (perhaps because you are a Canadian NFL blog expert) of completely understanding the game of American Pro Football. Perhaps you might feel the same irritation I feel if an American (hockey blog expert) described a (Canadian Hockey Team decimated by injuries) failure to bring the puck up the ice and continually dumping the puck into the opponents zone because the injured team's replacement players were not able to get past opposing defenders. Learn the game. Put yourself in the position of Head Coach Mike Zimmer - then ask yourself where the blame for poor quarterback performance lies.

  • Josh Windsor posted 945 days ago

    Josh Windsor

    In your recent article you said Andrew Luck had a lot to prove this season and that he needed to finally become a superstar. Now, I could sit here at my keyboard and use all caps and call you an idiot. I'm not going to do that though, as I'm sure you get that often. I'm just here to provide a counter claim to your argument, so just hear me out. You say Luck is not a superstar, yet In the 2014 season, he was the focal point of a team with a high powered offense with a bottom ranked offensive line and a defense that was one of the oldest and slowest, talent deficient units in the league that somehow made it to the AFC Championship game. No running back had a 100 yard rushing game for the Colts that season. He was one of the most pressured quarterback in the league (seems like that is every year). He managed to still toss roughly 40 touchdowns that year and was snubbed out of the MVP award. He has ascended the Indianapolis Colts and is the most underrated quarterback in the league. His play has not gone down since then. He is still the same Andrew Luck, it's just the fact that he couldn't stay invincible forever. Bad offensive lines caught up to him and his constant scrambling and avoiding pressure lead him to injuries while still performing at an elite level in 2016. Yes he has issues where he tries to do much and turns the ball over. But if the team had more talent and options other than him to carry them, those problems could be solved. And that's exactly what Chris Ballard has done this offseason by revamping the defense and adding competition of offense. You should have put the Colts team as something that has much to prove. They have failed Luck outside of T.Y. Hilton, (who by the way is severely underrated as well, leading the league in receiving yards and not being an All-Pro?) but now they have a defense that looks good, and their offensive line showed promise last year before injuries devastated them. Nonetheless, this is a huge year for Indianapolis as a team, as they need to prove that they can finally give Luck the support he needs.

  • Donny Boy posted 953 days ago

    Donny Boy

    Don't listen to anything this clown says. Writes about the NFL but doesn't know a thing about it. Get your NFL news from literally anywhere else

  • Brent Lindeman posted 1029 days ago

    Brent Lindeman

    Best Free-Agents Bargains at every Position article... QB Brian Hoyer was with the Chicago Bears, not the Cleveland Browns...that was like 3-4 years ago bud

  • Morgan Flom posted 1371 days ago

    Morgan Flom

    I would bet Raiders fans disagree with your take on Pacman. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1VJBmfyEg10

  • Nathan Ostrander posted 1512 days ago

    Nathan Ostrander

    Your article on Flacco is complete garbage. Please name an established WR/TE he has to throw to other than Steve Smith. How about the fact he has had countless OC changes to deal with over the past 4 years. He tries to do too much because his WRs can't get open. You can't blame the Front Office either because they have $20+ million tied up in dead money from the wife-beater and Ngata.

  • Garrett O. posted 1532 days ago

    Garrett O.

    why were you so low on the Cardinals in your rankings until this week?

  • B Bizzle posted 1539 days ago

    B Bizzle

    Brad Gagnon, you're a flipping idiot and your article sounds like a kid throwing a temper tantrum. You have no business writing.

  • Joseph Kingsley posted 1539 days ago

    Joseph Kingsley

    Have you really thought the Johnny Manziel thing thru? Let’s quickly sum up Manziel:

    1. Came out of college after only 2 years.
    2. Played in a pick-up, back yard style offense in college.
    3. Had well publicized issues with maturity and substance abuse.
    4. Just finished a lengthy stint of inpatient rehabilitation for substance abuse.
    5. Just finished a lengthy stint of inpatient rehabilitation for substance abuse.
    6. Just finished a lengthy stint of inpatient rehabilitation for substance abuse.

    Are you not familiar with the Tim Couch saga? You do know that QB’s can in fact be ruined? Forget about who gives the best chance to win this season, how about actually approaching his development in the right way? That is what you should be writing about. THAT IS THE ISSUE. You clearly have missed the forest for the trees. Which you shouldn’t have, considering Pettine has said over and over “We have a plan for Johhny’s development, and we are going to stick to it”. Tell me why these coaches, who are much closer to the situation than you, are going about his development the wrong way. Write a story about that – and don’t forget to mention why substance abuse isn’t a factor.

  • RT17 posted 1679 days ago


    Really Good article on AFC East teams best shot