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  • Long gone posted 2473 days ago

    Long gone

    Matt Ryan or Matt Schaub?

  • Tony Lameass posted 2682 days ago

    Tony  Lameass

    The irony of Tony writing about Pathetic careers should not be lost on anyone. Here's a talent-less Hack, writing hate and attack articles. It's a sad state of affairs and indicative of plummeting journalistic standards that he can (presumably) make a living doing this. Amateur hour at it's best, and the web has created a perpetual open mike night so the talent-less can waddle up, spout off, and claim to be professionals. Bleacher Report is clearly scraping the bottom of the community college barrel.

  • Josh Cembellin posted 2831 days ago

    Josh Cembellin

    No problem, Tony. It can be tricky, so hopefully the explanation made sense :)

  • Chuck G posted 2846 days ago

    Chuck G

    I have received Bleacher Report e-mails for a few years, and this is the first time I've been moved to actually comment. Some of the items on your list are among the stupidest excuses you have made for why they were valid in the first place.

    1, Spygate. Seriously, you don't think that gave them advantage? Did you WATCH their Super Bowl win over the Rams? Ty Law's interception, only way that happens is if he knows or suspects it's coming. Also, you quote a former coach about it? Seriously, you don't understand the coaching fraternity, they aren't going to throw each other under a bus. Lastly, the Patriots have become a model franchise, something to be proud of. The NFL likely opened up the case, looked at the complexity of it, just closed their eyes and shut the books. Then told the Patriots, "we'll take away a draft pick and be done with it."

    2, Tuck Game. So you don't think that the Raiders would've won that game if the call, which was CORRECT in the first place (I have photos PROVING he had both hands on the ball, proving it's a fumble), wasn't overturned. There was less than two minutes left, so a couple of snaps and the game is over. Period. No more discussion.

    3, System QB. It's hard to argue that a virtual nobody like Matt Cassell can lead the Patriots to an 11-5 record, replacing Tom Brady, and it doesn't appear that the system was a major part of the success. I will give you the benefit that Brady is a sensational QB, but most teams that lose a long-time starter at QB fall flat on their face. Look at the Colts from last season as the most recent example. To simply dismiss this as nonsense is really stupid for you to say.

    Since all three of these problems in your "column" involve the New England Patriots, you are apparently a major fan of that team, so that really excludes you from making educated comments about the aforementioned situations.

    Notice I said "educated" comments. You really said some stupid things, and readers need to understand what happened and not listen to he nonsense of this writer.

  • David Kase posted 2848 days ago

    David  Kase

    Thanks for comment Tony. Anytime.

  • Anish Gandhi posted 2856 days ago

    Anish Gandhi

    2010 nba finals game 7 rember that that game you wrote an article that game was not a joke it was fixed I watched it. It was nearly as bad as 2002 wcf game 6 or 2006 nba finals games 3-6. I didn't know about the bleacher report at that time. I am a blazer fan who is trying to prove lakers have an astrk on 2002 and 2010 titles.

    Insted of kg pitchure on that article you should have posted a youtube vido on nba fixed game 7 of the finals. Type it in you will see it . You would have exposed bandwagon laker fans

    Sad thing is laker fans even deny 2002 wcf game 6 when there is lots of proof and vidos about it.

    If I get accepted. I will write an article about how 2010 was fake just lke 2002.

  • Scott Carasik posted 2862 days ago

    Scott Carasik

    Thanks man! it's been something I've been working on for years.

  • eric schroder posted 2869 days ago

    eric schroder

    hey read your article FA who will come off market soon just wondering if you think Plaxico Burress would be good fit for browns i like the idea of 1 year deal what do you think thanks

  • Charles InCharge posted 2883 days ago

    Charles InCharge

    You are the B/R version of Skip Bayless. Writing things for shock. If you actually believe the stuff you write, then you are a sad, lost human being.

  • Bleacher Report Wonka posted 2911 days ago

    Bleacher Report Wonka

    Guys, you may think Tony is nice, but he enjoys making fun of people with mentally disabled people, wants to see Manning in a neck brace cause he hates him, and stalks my brother and I and calls people queers and tools. He's a real jerk, don't be fooled by him, and he also thinks hes the best looking guy on earth and thinks hes so jacked.