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  • Cassie Kolias posted 4307 days ago

    Cassie Kolias

    no stories for two months?! where you been?

  • Richard Marsh posted 4371 days ago

    Richard Marsh

    I have a number of sites left that still needs a few teams for my fantasy baseball leagues. If you have the time and want some great competition drop me your e-mail on my board or contact me at Thanks

  • Nino Colla posted 4377 days ago

    Nino Colla

    Hey Martin, glad to see your interested.

    I set it up for the CL's, but as far as everyone else partaking, try and find someone within the division that you can hold a debate with. Poke around and see if anyone is interested. If you can't find anyone, ask the CL's of other teams in the division if they know anyone who might be interested. I'm sure you can find someone.

    Belated welcome to the site as well. Let me know if you ever have any questions.

  • David Allan posted 4380 days ago

    David Allan


    Sorry the long winded answers on the bottom of the OC and Nomar post, but one of my favourite debates is border line hall of famers.

    Anyways, keep writing and I'll keep reading.

    The Captain