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Short version: A Die Hard Tennis Fanatic!
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If you really want to know: I'm an obsessed tennis fan and lover of all things Federer. But I also admire Nadal, the French players (Tsonga! Simon!), Safin (yum!), the Williams sisters, Sharapova, Jankovic, Djokovic (when he's not pissing me off), Roddick, etc. etc. I'm not into the whole "Nadal sucks and Federer's God" thing, although I would love for Fed to improve his head-to-head against the Spaniard! I just love the game of tennis and watching the pros achieve the incredible on court - and it doesn't hurt that the guys are so damn good looking!

Personal stuff: I live in SoCal so I can play tennis 360 days a year - let's say I play 100 days out of the 360. I'm a freelance event planner/fundraiser and a pro-am writer (working on the pro part.). I love Vietnamese food, Belgian beer and my husband, who shares my tennis-itis.

I also write and run the tennis blog Please come by and check it out!
**FYI - don't know why, alot of people ask me - "how many writers write on your blog?" Answer = 1

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  • Shikha posted 3672 days ago


    exclusively on Rafa :D

    perhaps u'd be interested?

  • Xeno-philous F posted 3695 days ago

    Xeno-philous F


    This is my master piece, for your joyful reading.

    Your comment is my oxygen. Hope you won't asphyxiate me. Show me your love for my life.

    You visit mine once, I will visit yours twice (just memo me your articles).

    "Drawing Roger Federer's Blood: An Indelible Joy of 30 Seconds."


  • Xeno-philous F posted 3723 days ago

    Xeno-philous F

    I'd appreciate if you get a chance to unlaugh at this dull piece. You will find at least the hypertext interesting. It may not be funny or special, but a word of advice would mean so much to me. Take a free swing.
    The title is: Top Ten Reasons to Dislike Roger Federer.

  • Conor Mc posted 3744 days ago

    Conor Mc

    My tribute to Roger

  • Sudeshna Banerjee posted 3783 days ago

    Sudeshna Banerjee

    Hello, how r u?
    Hope u can check out my latest :)

  • reredeF0regoR posted 3803 days ago


    You're an amazing writer.

  • Frankie posted 3812 days ago


    Thanks for the link - will check up on that! I love your writing are so good with humour. And you are a fellow Roger fan - great minds think alike!!

  • Frankie posted 3814 days ago


    Hey, I am missing a fellow Fedophile's articles. I enjoy reading your musings :)

  • Poulomee Basu posted 3825 days ago

    Poulomee Basu

    nothing bleacher worthy..? well rome is coming up..shud be loads of fun wot say!!
    and i hope u get back to writing soon, i really enoy ur stuff!

  • Poulomee Basu posted 3828 days ago

    Poulomee Basu

    hey freaky how have you been?