Adam Testa

Adam Testa


Adam Testa is a 25-year-old journalist from Southern Illinois. He's in the process of updating this bio and will finish it later. Did he mention he's a procrastinator?


Your Community Leader Shane Howard on TNA releasing Savio Vega:
"Vega shouldn't have been canned tho from what i've heard
he was pretty good in the back"

Proud Winner of Two Articles of the Day:
"Queen of the Ring: New Book Tells Tale of Women's Wrestling Pioneer"

"How Professional Wrestling Fulfills the Desires of a Man's Heart"

But what trumps the two AOTD victories, by far, was being mentioned and having an article linked in the Oct. 8 official Ring of Honor newswire. For those of you who missed it, here's what it said:
"October 8th: Tyler Black is primed and ready to return to action this weekend in Collinsville and Indianapolis, and recently did an interview with Adam Testa of the Wrestling Daily. In the piece, Black talks about a variety of subjects, most notably his neck injury and subsequent surgery, as well as being in a position to make a mark in a main event role. Check out the piece at Can Tyler take that next step, get his hands on Austin Aries, and solidify his place at the forefront of ROH?"

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  • Josh Matt posted 2779 days ago

    Josh Matt

    care for a fan add?

  • IGGY AZALEA posted 3739 days ago


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  • Kyle Mo posted 3767 days ago

    Kyle Mo

    when you get around to it, can you please read this. Thanks.

  • Joseph Daniel posted 3785 days ago

    Joseph Daniel

  • Jeff Sac posted 3790 days ago

    Jeff Sac

    You were my inspiration for this:

  • Josh Logan posted 3813 days ago

    Josh Logan

    The League is Up!

  • Kevin C. posted 3818 days ago

    Kevin C.

    Hey Testa,
    Tired of old, and boring previews of WWE PPV's. Well, The Wire will shock you in more ways than one.
    Way too cheesy. Well, just check it out then. also has the story.

  • Jack Sparrow posted 3819 days ago

    Jack Sparrow

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  • Josh Logan posted 3828 days ago

    Josh Logan

    The League is Up

  • Ricky Bhatia posted 3849 days ago

    Ricky Bhatia

    Faces out of favour in the WWE.Check it out please.
    Merry Christmas.Thanks.