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I no longer write for Bleacher Report. You can find my work on my blog,, or follow me on Twitter: @LewsOnFirst

"Baseball, it is said, is only a game. True. And the Grand Canyon is only a hole in Arizona."
—George Will

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  • Jonathan Stilwell posted 3427 days ago

    Jonathan Stilwell

    Lewie - sorry I am late notifying you about this - but here is my latest article on the Vet committee nominations for pitchers from the Golden Era - seems like they were drinking the Yankee Kool-Aid!

  • Avi Wolfman-Arent posted 3457 days ago

    Avi Wolfman-Arent

    Love your work Lewie, easily some of the best stuff on this site. Hope you didn't let the bullies run you off.

  • David Nussbaum posted 3544 days ago

    David Nussbaum

    You seem intelligent, your writing is professional quality, the bulk of your arguments are sound supported by consistent logic and reasoning. Why do you allow personal bias to negatively effect your work so much? Your sections discussing Jeter would offend and anger the mildest of Yankee fan.

  • Ariel Cordero posted 3550 days ago

    Ariel Cordero

    So David Ortiz isn't Overrated? If it weren't for the DH position he would just be another overweight slugger that managers and fans prey that when he is on defense the ball isn't hit his way, especially in a critical game. Your a typical BoSox rider/Yankee hater smh.

  • Beast Mode posted 3556 days ago

    Beast Mode

    you suck you dumbass!

  • Andrew Fezza posted 3558 days ago

    Andrew  Fezza

    It would be funny if I knew you weren't serious about the most unbreakable record. Lay off the sabermetrics. No one gives a shit about someones line drive average or ultimate zone rating. You claim to be unbiased because you stick juuuust enough Yankees in the spotlight and bash juuust enough of the Red Sox but we all know that's bs.

  • Jake Derby posted 3558 days ago

    Jake Derby

    Man your Most unbreakable record is ridiculos, how many times have you read moneyball

  • Dr Zoidberg posted 3558 days ago

    Dr Zoidberg

    Hahah, jeter, cano,konerko,howard, and texeira??? Good job putting in Beckett to make us think you werent biased. It didnt work. And what a cheap knock on Texerira by mentioning youkilis, who btw sucks. Go take a seat, red sucks fan.

  • Holdon Johnson posted 3559 days ago

    Holdon Johnson

    Nice article it was a joke, how did bleacher report even let write articles. Here is a nice stat for you since that's all you seem to care about. Red Sox, 7 world series on the other hand Yankees 27.

  • Luke Sabin posted 3559 days ago

    Luke Sabin

    Just quit Bleacher Report.