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  • Hurdis Davis posted 2266 days ago

    Hurdis Davis


    I read your post over on my homepage - just more inbred rambling from the swamp trash. Let it go. You coon-asses will always be second rate, second class and, even at your best, second place. Just be glad your mother isn't alive to see how you behave (or maybe she is - they breed young down there in the bayou, eh?).

  • Carl Stine posted 2589 days ago

    Carl Stine

    Right on, my friend. I appreciate the response. Do you feel as if the Tigers will be able to beat 'Bama on the road with next to no offense? I am torn about that game. What's your honest assessment of how the Tigers can get it done?

  • Billy Day posted 2589 days ago

    Billy  Day


    I watched that game and yes Colt got knocked out early, but that game was never in doubt as Bama ran over Texas when they needed to. It was somewhat close on board, but Texas was struggling to keep up with Alabama and Bama was clearly the more powerful team. I don't think Colt would have made enough difference to win that game.

    I am no Nick Saban fan and I don't like Bama winning within the conference, but they are an SEC team and so I did want them to win. Like it or not, few teams in the BCS Title Games have even given the SEC champion a good game.

    Another good example of the SEC is this year"s LSU game against Oregon as the No 3 ranked teams and the top ranked offense but they were totally dominated by LSU's defense and the Tigers scored far more than enough points to win with a conservative offense. Last year, LSU dominated Texas A&M in the Cotton Bowl, and Auburn beat Oregon for the BCS Title with just a good SEC defense. There are numerous examples plus the fact that the SEC is hands down the toughest conference and there is almost no expert that will disput that statement.

    I can assure you I am not ignorant and I did watch the game. But I would say anyone anyone that thought Texas was a real threat to beat Alabama in that game would be blinded or prejudiced by a burnt orange color.

  • Michael Bergman posted 2590 days ago

    Michael Bergman

    Anyone who thinks that Bama "whipped" the Longhorns in that game is ignorant or didn't actually watch the game.

    Our all-everything QB (alltime wins leader in the NCAA) was knocked out in the first series and our true Freshman who had VERY rarely played, came in and had 5 turnovers and it was still a super close game until about 2 minutes to go. Then our QB (who turns out to be horrible) gets blindsided and the defense get a TD, and after that Saban got another CHEAP TD to make it seem like a more convincing win than it was.

  • Carl Stine posted 2602 days ago

    Carl Stine

    Billy, just wanted to come on and eat my humble pie. Great game by the Tigers, With a few more performances like that they may be right where I predicted them before Jefferson went out, in the BCS Championship. Luck to the Bengals...

  • Jeff Osborn posted 2893 days ago

    Jeff Osborn

    Came here because I don't want to hog (pun intended) the other board. I always liked Nolan Richardson but I and most of my firends were blown away by his speech after the win at Charlotte in 94. Being from LA I assume you can understand. Small state one big college getting the majority of the booster cash and then have the guy the foundation is paying at one of the highest levels in the country, to challenge us by saying he is not our slave. We were like what tha....
    Then that last year when he attacked the people of Arkansas and dare them to fire him, well that is what happened. One thing I hate though, I heard while this was going on, someone shot one of his quarter horses.

    Stan Heath was a nice guy but I heard that Todd Day went into the halftime locker room and walked out and said he is "too nice". John Pelphry is still recovering from the fallout of Nolan but this years class is looking good. How is LSU looking this year.

    You can tell me, I grew up in Slidell and worked for Acadian Ambulance for many years. With that said, can you do me a favor? Start a grass roots effort to swap team names with Utah, please! I am not sure but I think that is even illegal to listen to Jazz there. Do it for Pete!!

  • Michael Ellis posted 2898 days ago

    Michael Ellis

    Billy, who is "Rose?" Did you mean Miss State booster, Bill Bell? I haven't heard the name Rose surface in the Cam Newton scandal.

  • Michael Ellis posted 2906 days ago

    Michael Ellis

    Billy - working on something and wanted your opinion. Who are LSU's top 3 defensive stars? I've got Nevis, Baker, & Sheppard. Have I got it right?

  • Regan Gardner posted 2923 days ago

    Regan Gardner

    Haha Billy, Looks like we wrote the same article. I didn't even notice it till now.

  • Tobe Moore posted 2926 days ago

    Tobe Moore

    Billy, thought you'd like this..... here was my post on another guys blog that has his 'fans' jumping on the 'Support Les Miles' band wagon. This clown was knocking my intellect and calling me a 'leftist'

    Here was my reply.... I think you would enjoy....

    "You're such the typical hypocrite. You blame me for name calling and yet label me as a political leftist when I'm more 'right' than Glenn Beck.
    If you knew anything about coaching football, you'd see the obvious signs and stats that support Les Miles as a poor head coach.
    I'll keep it elementary for you... Here are the simple 3 factors...

    Discipline - Les has none, or else we wouldn't have more penalties than just about every team we've played over the last 4 years.

    Motivation - Les has said himself numerous times "I don't need to tell them anything.... they know whats on the line" (Yes, Knute Rockne has rolled over in his grave)

    Organization - Whether you've seen it and didn't know it, you just pretend to ignore it, or haven't watched ESPN in the last 2 years, Les Miles has numerous blunders of clock management and frequently sits his best players.

    By the way, your intellect improperly listed tennis twice... and as your Hero would say, "Have a Nice Day!""