I have covered pro and college sports since 1981, and my work has been published by MSNBC.com, NFL.com and ESPN Magazine. I was a senior editor at Pro Football Weekly for 10 years. I have won three awards from the Pro Football Writers of America. I have written eight sports-related books, including Who's Better, Who's Best in Football. I have two children and I am also a long-time youth sports coach.

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  • dave staff posted 1755 days ago

    dave  staff

    The reason I got to bleacher report is the daily fantasy picks. 12/3 you advised Schneider NJ in goal . He was on the bench...no points on the bench.....don't do any more daily fantasy picks, don't write about hockey........

  • Mark Wolfson posted 1980 days ago

    Mark  Wolfson

    Regarding the 72 Rangers, it is too bad that Jean Ratelle broke his ankle and was out the final two months of the season. With him at full strength, they beat the Bruins on a regular basis during the season, and I feel if he was at full stride, they really could have beaten the Bruins in the finals. I say "could have."

  • Vinh Cao posted 2228 days ago

    Vinh Cao

    Hi Steve,

    BTN still appears to be working. Stats.HockeyAnalysis.com is another worthwhile resource to consult while the ES situation is resolved.

  • Nitsan Peled posted 2286 days ago

    Nitsan Peled


    My name is Nitsan Peled and I'm a Sports writer working on a piece about the NHL.
    There are some issues whithin the article I'm working on that could use some insights from a North American Sports writer.
    I would really appreciate it if I could email you some q's regarding the topic.

    Best Regards,

  • Mark Sorokin posted 2359 days ago

    Mark Sorokin

    Steve, you've got a picture of Kemba Walker on top of # 5 of your most amazing moments from the NCAA National Championship game.... Should be Shabazz.....

  • kyle procyk posted 2428 days ago

    kyle procyk

    the fact that you'd take orr over gretzky just means you and hockey don't even belong in the same universe, no less the same sentence

  • Brian Fantana posted 2436 days ago

    Brian Fantana

    Stick to football where you write good articles, you dont know that much about hockey.
    ESPN wouldnt publish your hockey work, bleacher report does cuz anyone can write a bs article and slap it on here

  • Toasty J posted 2441 days ago

    Toasty J

    You missed STEVE LARGENT on the "Greatest WR Steals" article.

    4th Round Pick, retired holding every major WR record.

  • Really Cmon posted 2475 days ago

    Really Cmon

    Go away, you don't know what the hell you are talking about

  • Derrick Steeves posted 2484 days ago

    Derrick Steeves

    Hey Steve...

    How can you have a "Top 25 Pure Goal Scorers" and not include Pavel Bure on the list...doesn't make sense. Just saying...D'