My love of Olympic sports has no limits. From figure skating to diving I follow it all, but my true love has always been artistic and rhythmic gymnastics. I have been involved in the field since 1973 as a high school competitor, judge, floor and beam choreographer/coach and rhythmic coach, working with private programs as well as collegiate teams.

USA Gymnastics Rhythmic State Chair NM '94-'97
Asst Coach/Choreographer University of New Mexico '91-92

I'm also into sailing, a sport my dad taught me at a young age and continue to enjoy to date.

Golf is a great game to watch, even more fun to play, though I'm lousy at it. Luckily, those I play with put up me. I have the sneaking suspicion they like to use me to check the lie on the greens. They always let me go first! Then again, maybe it's because I always buy the first beer at the 19th hole.

Oh, and horse racing. Who knew?

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  • Bob Bajek posted 2886 days ago

    Bob  Bajek

    No problem, Robin. I did gymnastics for years and I was a coach to little kids (3-6-year-olds) for four years. Gymnastics is a great sport.