Kyle Banks

Kyle Banks


I've been a huge sports fan ever since I was a little kid. While other kids were watching cartoons and playing in the jungle gym, I was watching ESPN all day. I used to play sports as a youth and still play in come city leagues. I love sitting and debating sports as much as possible. I like to write and love sports, so I figured why not share my opinions with the readers of Bleacher Report? I hope you enjoy the articles that I write.

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  • Josh Vitale posted 4253 days ago

    Josh Vitale

    Now that Jay Cutler is in Chicago and Kyle Orton is in Denver, there has been a lot of talk about the Broncos drafting Mark Sanchez in the first round. I think the Broncos should use those two picks to address their defense, and give Kyle Orton a chance at QB.

  • Jason Cottier posted 4257 days ago

    Jason Cottier

    I am going to do an opinion poll on favorite and least favorite MMA fighters. So if you would like send your 5 favorite and 5 most hated fighters to my e mail. Every vote for ravorite gets +1, every hated vote gets -1. At the end I will tally up the votes and do the 10 most popular and least popular fighters in MMA. Send your list to if this interests you.

  • Wes Miller posted 4261 days ago

    Wes Miller

    Become my fan

  • Josh B posted 4274 days ago

    Josh B

    My first attempt at a humor article. It convincingly tells why Tom Brady is one of the worst quarterbacks in the NFL. Check it out and tell me what you think.