Patrick Laird

Patrick Laird


Grew up in Western NY state to a Scottish emigrant playing basketball, watching soccer, and enjoying baseball. Graduated from Temple University while enjoying plenty of cheesesteaks at Ishkabibble's on South Street, taking in many a Phillie's game at the Vet for $10, and finding solidarity in Philadelphia sports fans' woes. Currently serve as a vagabond.

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  • BW Clancy posted 3578 days ago

    BW Clancy

    technology is crap!! ok, maybe it's not. just freakin' email it. (

  • BW Clancy posted 3578 days ago

    BW Clancy

    Well, I guess i'm just not that special on here yet. I don't have that "access." How are you even able to send it if I can't get to it? Ack.

  • BW Clancy posted 3578 days ago

    BW Clancy

    no, still retarded. i have HI! settings write logout.

  • BW Clancy posted 3578 days ago

    BW Clancy

    I could be retarded. I can't find an inbox

  • BW Clancy posted 3726 days ago

    BW Clancy

    Hey Padriag.

  • T.J. Quinn posted 4011 days ago

    T.J. Quinn

    Please take a look when you can thanks:

  • Leroy Watson Jr. posted 4050 days ago

    Leroy Watson Jr.

    Patrick, I DEFINITELY give Josh Pastner an A+.

    He has brought an energy and passion to the job that the entire city of Memphis has responded to. He is humble, charismatic, accessible and enthusiastic.

    He hired an absolutely amazing coaching staff. Two of his assistants are being eyed by top 20 programs. How many 1st year head coaches have THAT happen?

    And, of course, he hauled in the No. 1 recruiting class in the country. Not many rookie head coaches can claim that distinction, either.

    Given how gutted the program was when Calipari left, I would not only say that this was the best possible hire, but I doubt any other potential coach could have matched the energy and optimism that Josh Pastner brought from the moment he was hired.

  • DeAnte Mitchell posted 4120 days ago

    DeAnte Mitchell

  • Keith Schlosser posted 4125 days ago

    Keith Schlosser

    Could Tracy McGrady be on his way to New York?