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Growing up in the Hoosier and Bluegrass state instills one thing in you: an intense passion for basketball. It is the grandest game of them all, and my love for sports came from my early years following the Kentucky Wildcats, Indiana Hoosiers and Louisville Cardinals.

Since then, my interest in sports has grown far beyond the realm of college basketball, and I intend to write articles on major national topics as well as local interests in the Bluegrass state. Whether it be the NFL, MLB, NBA, professional tennis or the World Cup, I promise to deliver exciting content to fans from all regions and all genres. Most of all, I will always write from the mindset of a passionate sports fan, and I hope my articles enlighten, challenge and rejuvenate your love of sports.

To read more content focusing on basketball in the commonwealth, as well as other proud Kentucky traditions, visit my site at and follow it @TheKyBlog

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  • Jon Hancock posted 2233 days ago

    Jon Hancock

    Enjoying your UK player previews. Should be a great season for teams in Kentuckiana.

  • Nick Nafpliotis posted 2247 days ago

    Nick Nafpliotis

    Thanks for the kind words. Sorry for taking a while to get back to you--had some major stuff come up this week. I've definitely enjoyed your work as well. I think me, you, and Matt make a pretty great team covering UK basketball.

    If you ever feel like going on anti-depressants, would love to have you over on the UK football side of things as well :)

  • Clay Ables posted 2323 days ago

    Clay Ables

    Congrats on the Shout out from KSR.

  • Clay Ables posted 2339 days ago

    Clay Ables

    Hey Paul just wanted to let you know congrats on being a featured columnist for kentucky. Hopefully you get to go to some games this year and bring I don't know me along haha. Can't wait to see your interviews with the high school legends. I help critique them for you since well I'm the next media prodigy. Good luck with the bleacher report.
    The 2nd coming of Bob Costas

  • Joshua Harris posted 2344 days ago

    Joshua Harris

    I want to thank you for sticking to your guns on a recent article. All these people complaining about Kentucky getting one and dones is crazy. They must hate Duke for getting Irving and Rivers. Or Ohio st. for getting Oden, Mullens, Kofous. You have been writing some great articles and I am proud to call you a brother in the Big Blue Nation. You carried yourself in a respectful manner and I thank you.

  • Matt Overing posted 2380 days ago

    Matt Overing

    Congrats on becoming a Featured Columnist, Paul!

  • callista steinmetz posted 2425 days ago

    callista steinmetz

    Love comments about LeBron. Great read.

  • Percy Dinozo posted 2433 days ago

    Percy Dinozo


    Just noticed that you favorited my article on Hibbert. Thanks again for reading!