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Wilt Chamberlain is the G.O.A.T. This article pretty much sums it
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'For those who think Wilt Chamberlain played against 6'6" white centers, you're sadly mistaken. Here's a list of players that Wilt played (3 times more often than today, due to the lack of teams) that were anything but "6'6" white men".

Walter Dukes (7'0", 220 lbs.)
Swede Halbrook (7'3, 235 lbs.)
Tom Boerwinkle (7'0", 265 lbs.)
Bob Lanier (6'11", 265 lbs.)
Otto Moore (6'11", 210 lbs.)
George Johnson (6'11", 245 lbs.)
Walt Bellamy (6'11", 225 lbs.)
Nate Thurmond (6'11", 235 lbs.)
Mel Counts (7'0", 235 lbs.)
Walt Wesley (6'11", 230 lbs.)
Hank Finkel (7'0", 240 lbs.)
Lew Alcindor aka Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (7'2", 225 lbs.)
Elmore Smith (7'0", 250 lbs.)
Jim McDaniels (6'11", 230 lbs.)
LaRue Martin (6'11", 215 lbs.)
(There are more but to save space...)

Also, for those questioning his ability to play in today's game. Let's start with his strength. Those who see pictures and videos of Wilt think that because of his slender frame that he was weak and He bench pressed over 500 pounds in his prime, that's more than SHAQ. Another misconception is that all Wilt could do was dunk, that is also false. His signature moves were actually finger rolls and fadeaway jumpers. Those who saw his older, larger, slower self question his stamina, speed and endurance. Wilt was a track star in college, setting multiple records and in one year he averaged over 48 minutes per game in a much more physical and fast paced game than today with a lot of running up and down the court. And get this, he didn't foul out AT ALL the entire season. ANOTHER misconception is that he wasn't athletic like the players of today. Wilt had a 48" vertical...that's higher than Michael Jordan himself. On top of that, standing at 7'1" without shoes, Wilt had a 7'8" wingspan, 3 inches longer than 7'6" Yao Ming.



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    Hi Samir! Since you asked before, just wanted to let you know my latest Wilt Chamberlain article is now up, in case you hadn't spotted it already: Hope you enjoy!

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