Kevin C.

Kevin C.


Moses Malone Language

Kevin is a big fan of those Nets, Yankees, and Giants ya'll.
Kevin grew up in that Bronx borough and now resides in Yonkers, NY.
Kevin is a comical sports writer, who loves basketball, college basketball and baseball.
You see Kevin is a die hard Yanks and Nets fan.
Ya'll need to recognize Kevin cause he is cool like the other side of a pillow.

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  • Jeff D Gorman posted 3485 days ago

    Jeff D Gorman

    Thanks for signing up as a fan, Kevin!

  • Undead Warrior posted 3623 days ago

    Undead Warrior

    short, sweet and to the point. please participate.

  • Kyle Mo posted 3623 days ago

    Kyle Mo

  • Joe Burgett posted 3690 days ago

    Joe Burgett

    Lol yeah I do, gotta do something to pass the time right? But seriously, I enjoy writing, B/R and other places give me the platform, so I take advantage of it.

  • Joseph Daniel posted 3787 days ago

    Joseph Daniel

  • Svyato Rovenchuk posted 3801 days ago

    Svyato Rovenchuk

    Check this out when you get the chance.

  • Andrea Claire posted 3813 days ago

    Andrea Claire

    :::Happy Dance:::

  • Jack Sparrow posted 3820 days ago

    Jack Sparrow

    please have a look at my new article

  • Joseph Daniel posted 3824 days ago

    Joseph Daniel

    got a new one

  • Sulayman H. posted 3824 days ago

    Sulayman H.

    Yo, Kev, what's up?