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Scott is a NFL writer and researcher who started his career by contributing data projects to, including databases for quarterback game starts, offensive/defensive coordinators, and fourth quarter comebacks/game-winning drives. Such work has been quoted by numerous media outlets, including ESPN, FootballOutsiders, Forbes, Fox Sports, The Wall Street Journal, AOL, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, and The Washington Post.

From his home in Pittsburgh, PA, Scott has managed to change and correct the historic record on the win totals for quarterbacks like Fran Tarkenton, establish a standardized system for fourth quarter comebacks/game-winning drives, and analyze numerous NFL mythos on the basis of extensive research.

Scott currently writes for, winning the Football Nation Writer of the Year award for 2011,, and NBCSports. In May 2012 his article on the downward spiral of this sports century's top seeds reached the front page of the Sports Illustrated website. He has also contributed to the NFL Network's Freakonomics series.

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  • Chuck Olsen posted 2345 days ago

    Chuck Olsen

    Scott not very internet savvy, but you wrote a great article. Long time fan. Is Nevers 40pts the oldest surviving record? For pure trivia I'll bet the 55-yard drop kick by Paddy Driscoll in 1924 might be the oldest record ever.

  • Tim Bateman posted 2448 days ago

    Tim Bateman

    That was an extremely long (but informative) article about "How the Raiders can escape the black hole of losing". I'm a 30-year Raiderfan, and I think you hit several nails on the head with the organization. There's one consistent failing you didn't address, though. The Raiders haven't focused on the offensive line since Gallery (we started a little this offseason), and they haven't focused on the defensive line since Daryl Russell (in what, '97?). Frisco, Pittsburgh, Green Bay, Baltimore,New England, and Seattle have proved that a good Oline and good Dline=wins, regardless of the skill positions.

    Great article, good stuff...

  • vincent brown posted 2482 days ago

    vincent brown

    and u sound biased most be a bama fan lol

  • vincent brown posted 2482 days ago

    vincent brown

    whoa u went way overboard with this article slow ur roll its jus football let him play the game for about two more yrs then judge

  • Dan Tutt posted 2483 days ago

    Dan Tutt are so ri-DICK-ulous........and your tired columns are sooooo biased.

  • Chad Lundberg posted 2665 days ago

    Chad Lundberg

    I just read your article on the "controversial call" on the Monday Night Football game between the Packers and Seahawks. You did a good job of misleading the reader with all the frames you disregarded like when Tate withdrew any possession whatsoever, and how you proclaimed a "one-handed catch" is good enough. Even though all Tate had was a few fingers on the ball.

    Please use your intelligence to tell the truth next time, and not react to things so emotionally, because that's the best way to lose fans. Just look at Skip Bayless.

  • Meredith Day posted 2729 days ago

    Meredith Day

    Okay, thanks for letting me know. Sorry about the technical you need any help getting in contact with someone who'll know how to fix it?

  • Tyler Collison posted 2741 days ago

    Tyler Collison

    Dang. I'm sorry to hear that. I checked the media after the edit and everything seemed to be in place. We've been having some issues with the editing interface over the past few days; I'm sure it'll be resolved over the weekend.

  • Sean Hojnacki posted 2780 days ago

    Sean Hojnacki

    Big up to you, Scott. Enjoyed the blog post on Thanks for your hard work to help reinforce my case for Eli. And thanks to Reginald for getting me toward my first gold medal for 100 comments!