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Daniel Kock graduated from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville and received his degree in Journalism & Electronic Media. He is from Johnson City, Tennessee and is an Atlanta Braves, Green Bay Packers, and Tennessee Vols fan.

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  • Bryce Colquitt posted 1964 days ago

    Bryce Colquitt

    Have you seen the Atlanta Braves new catcher?

  • Michael Tinsley posted 2488 days ago

    Michael Tinsley

    Losing Brian McCann because of BJ Upton is a no-deal for me. Upton is the biggest busted trade the Braves have ever made and maybe the worst in MLB.
    Apparently he's not listening to his batting coach because he just plain can't hit. And the Braves are paying him $72.5 million which is outrageous.
    If Wren had left him out then I'd give him an A but a C is probably complimentary. A D- is more like it.

  • Gavin Andrews posted 2699 days ago

    Gavin Andrews

    There it is!

  • Gavin Andrews posted 2705 days ago

    Gavin Andrews

    How long is it going to take until they put you up as an FC on the Braves page???

  • Brandon Abbott posted 3020 days ago

    Brandon Abbott


  • Daniel Kock posted 3020 days ago

    Daniel Kock

    Honestly, I'm not sure. I would guess it would be unlikely they would select you as a writer without any experience but can't say for sure. I'm a journalism major at UT, so I had experience. The main reason I got the internship is because I knew one of the higher guys for Bleacher Report.

    To get experience with journalism I would advise you to get a twitter if you don't already and start a blog. That's a good way to develop as a writer and find a niche in the journalism field.

  • Brandon Abbott posted 3020 days ago

    Brandon Abbott

    I wholeheartedly agree. That's why I root against the Packers every year. As of now, at least Favre has been to more Super Bowls, and has many more playoff rings, so I'm content. You seem like a nice guy so here's a friendly question: I'm 17 and so I obviously don't have any college education or journalism experience yet, does that basically automatically count me out as far as being a possible writer for BR? Or does it depend more on the sample article you send in? I don't want to write an entire article just to get shot down because I don't have anything that's of any value on my application.

  • Daniel Kock posted 3021 days ago

    Daniel Kock

    Valid points. Like you said, it's very hard to compare players from different eras. These two will be compared until Rodgers retires due to the timing of both their careers and the entire situation.

    Ultimately, it's going to come down to who has more rings.

  • Brandon Abbott posted 3021 days ago

    Brandon Abbott


  • Brandon Abbott posted 3021 days ago

    Brandon Abbott

    Here's why I believe Brett Favre was better than Rodgers is:

    You can't compare players from totally different eras using numbers. Case in point: Troy Aikman vs. Mark Sanchez. Last year, in only his third year as a pro, Sanchez threw 26 touchdowns, 3 more than Aikman ever threw in a single season. Is Sanchez really better than Aikman was?

    Consider Peyton Manning vs. Matthew Stafford: Peyton Manning has never thrown for more than 4700 yards in a single season. Last year, Matthew Stafford threw for 5038 yards, over 300 more than Manning ever did in just his third season as a pro. Is Stafford really better than Manning ever was?

    Ironically, the most convincing part of my argument is the subject matter itself: Brett Favre.

    Favre won 3 straight MVP's in the 90's. He was not only on top of his game, he was on top of everyone else's game. Oddly enough, during all those years as the best quarterback in the league, his passer rating never surpassed 100.0. Yet on the season of his 40th birthday, ancient by football standards, his passer rating was 107.2. Why? Was Favre really better at 40 than at 27?

    The answer is no. Different eras produce different numbers. While throwing for 300 yards and a couple touchdowns can produce a yawn today, this was a serious accomplishment in the 90's. Matt Flynn's 480 yard, 6 touchdown performance vs. Detroit would have earned him instant respect as a very good quarterback in the 90's, while today most argue that he will be a one-game wonder today.

    The point is, today's league rules and schemes lead to huge numbers in the passing game. Quarterbacks no longer have to fear defenses because they are protected by a plethora of rules that did not exist in the past. The game of proffessional football has evolved so that the passing game has become easier and more effective.

    To truly compare players, especially quarterbacks, from different eras, I simply look at players compared to their peers. No one came close to Favre when he was in his prime, as evidenced by his 3 consecutive MVP's. The Packers were completely unstoppable, and Favre's numbers consistently dwarfed any given quarterback.

    While Rodgers is also excellent compared to his peers, he is not as dominating as Favre was. Brees was the passing champion this year, and Rodgers has only one MVP to his credit so far.

    Aaron Rodgers may very well end up as a better player than Favre, even by my standards, but he has not done nearly enough to this point.