Knox Bardeen

Knox Bardeen


Bleacher Report NFC South Lead Writer Knox Bardeen previously was a Rapid Reports Correspondent for He has been a sports journalist for Fanball, AOL's FanHouse, Comcast Sports Southeast and the Macon Telegraph. He co-authored a book "100 Things Falcons Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die."

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  • Scott Schille posted 2352 days ago

    Scott Schille

    The Bleacher Report should fire you or they better make sure you are not writing NFL articles. Before the start of tonight's game, the #1 defense has beaten the #1 offense (in the Super Bowl) 3 out of 4 times. Now, the #1 defense has beaten the #1 offense 4 out of 5 times in the Super Bowl. The great head coach Vince Lombardi has said, "Defense wins championships!"

    Teams who have record-setting offenses (like the Broncos) usually lose the Super Bowl. Remember the Patriots in 2009? Do you see the similarities between this year's Broncos and the 2009 Patriots? Now, I realize that was a much closer Super Bowl, but the Giants had a good enough defense to beat that prolific offense. How can you be oblivious to those trends? Off with your NFL journalistic head!!!!

  • Kiyle Winborne posted 2413 days ago

    Kiyle Winborne

    I have been reading your NFC south blog for almost three years now, and I have been repeatedly treated to biased opinions and false facts, as well as gross conjecture and ad hominem attacks awfully disguised as "unbiased analysis." Furthermore, I find your blatant opinionated bias towards anyone but the falcons, the Saints in particular, quite repugnant, as well as a complete abandonment and failure to complete your duties. If i had my way, I would have you severely reprimanded, as well as reassigned to another blog, where you do not have a bias towards any of the team. Bias is the same reason that John Madden was a bad sports commentator. John Madden refused to believe Brett Favre would lose any game. While he was a great quarterback, no doubt one of the greatest ever, he still lost his share of games. Matt Ryan however, is NO Brett Favre. Nor is he Elite. He is nowhere NEAR Drew Brees or Cam Newtons stature at this juncture. As you can see, take the seasons that Cam Newton has saved by his nifty quarterback play. Last year, both the saints and the panthers had bad years, but the Saints were unusual. Their defense gave up in excess of 7000 yards, literally the worst defense ever, and Drew Brees managed to keep them in contention until the very last game. When the game that they dropped was over, Drew Brees imploded and lost the season. You said "Drew Brees is done. He isn't elite anymore." Yet he still threw for over 5000 yards and over 30 touchdown passes? How can you blatantly lie to your readers like this?

    I hope your conscience is clear, because i'm tired of breathing in your hot air.

    Kiyle A. Winborne

  • Beau Styron posted 2424 days ago

    Beau Styron

    You my friend are nothing more than a bitter Falcon fan. The garbage you write on the other three teams within the NFC south are not only lacking unbiased insight and opinion but you seem to have a very small knowledge of the game itself. In the NFL there is no such thing as "gimme" win, especially when it is your divisional rival. Your articles just really get under my skin because if you are going to be a beat writer for the NFC south then that is what you should be… honest, insightful, and fair to all four teams in the division and keep your watered down Saints hating opinions to yourself or just switch your title to Atlanta Falcons Beat Writer and you would no longer have other football fans like me within the division posting comments on your page. All I know is come January the Saints will be starting their play-off run and your beloved Dirty Turds will be packing it up to start the off-season. So in closing all I will say is just like a previous person said you should have stuck with baseball.

    Thank You,

    Beau Styron

  • Chris DeMain posted 2567 days ago

    Chris DeMain

    Knox, been trying to reach you in regards to a site you used to operate called There are some advertising links we would like you to remove that are pointing to Please contact me at ASAP. I'm offering cash considerations for your assistance.



  • Tony Colston posted 2586 days ago

    Tony Colston

    Knox, yesterday you wrote an article about the Saints and losing Victor Butler. In there you said the Saints only had 400k in cap space and used an outdated ESPN article as a reference. This number was prior to Harper restructure. Here is a more current source if you want to use ESPN.

  • eric rader posted 2640 days ago

    eric rader

    Mr Knox. I have always been a fan of reading materials on my favorite team, the Buccaneers. I do also like to see the other teams in the division to see how my team would benefit from their misfortunes. While reading the game by game predictions you wrote on my team, as well as the Carolina Panthers. These two teams play each other on week 8 and and week 13. While looking at both of these reports, I had noticed that you had altered your thoughts on the outcome or the points of these games. For the Buccs, you predicted the buccs would win week 8 with a 23-21, a week 13 loss of 23-16. If you looked at the Panthers predictions, they have a week 8 win of 28-10, and a week 13 loss of 23-21. I don't know if this was intentional, but then again, I don't know if you were up until 2 in the morning writing these articles. I am simply passing information on to you in hopes that this might get fixed. Thank you for your time.

  • Nick DeCato posted 2741 days ago

    Nick DeCato

    You should have stuck to Baseball, you are obviously a Super Homer on the Falcons nut sack. isn't journalism supposed to be objective, take your fan mask off and write about the games, not what you hope will happen.

  • Dion Jones posted 2749 days ago

    Dion Jones

    Hey Knox I am a die heart Falcon fan do you believe that we will loose Koetter and Nolan after this season? They have done an outstanding job on the offense/defense sides. We will have the chance once the season is over to only improve player wise on both sides of the field. #RISEUP

  • Knox Jonson posted 2768 days ago

    Knox Jonson

    Greetings fellow Knox. Surprised to find that name here. I am currently unemployed (I know, get in line) and I want to improve my sports writing. My background is in English and Political Science, so I'm good with stats and grammar. Do you have any advice in terms of getting a good start and how to collect information for articles?

    No prob if you're too busy to repsond.
    Cheers, KJ

  • Josh Matt posted 2781 days ago

    Josh Matt

    care for a fan add?