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I'm a scrappy NBA writer who has been published at Salon, ESPN and HoopSpeak, all the while fueled by my love for America's greatest game. My home is Oakland, where it's really not so bad.

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  • david torney posted 1046 days ago

    david torney

    Hi Ethan,

    In last year's NBA finals, LeBron was asked about Curry's qualities. He said "good dribbler", bordering on insult.

  • Mista Amazing posted 2090 days ago

    Mista Amazing

    where ru ??

  • Mohamed Taha posted 2171 days ago

    Mohamed  Taha

    I read some of your stuff on ESPN. It sucks. Glad you left.

  • Lets Go HEAT posted 2175 days ago

    Lets Go HEAT

    What happened to you

  • Amiram Peled posted 2215 days ago

    Amiram Peled

    where are today's power rankings?

  • Je Says posted 2217 days ago

    Je Says

    Great writing and interesting as always, agree or disagree. I may become a fan.

  • chris ruona posted 2221 days ago

    chris ruona

    where are the team rankings guys.

  • Execution posted 2222 days ago


    I sometimes don't agree with your opinions, but I still think you're a good writer. A lot of the criticism you get is over the top and uncalled for. Keep up the good work. There's a reason you work for B/R and those idiots that hide behind their computers throwing abuse don't.

  • Toby posted 2222 days ago


    Haters gonna hate, Heat haters are just jelly that their team sucks.

  • justin Qian posted 2229 days ago

    justin  Qian

    Respect for actually giving your opinions. It'd be so easy to appeal to the public by just putting all the big market teams (celtics, knicks) high in the power rankings.