Adam has been blogging about college football and other sports for the last six years, and helped start one of the largest Iowa Hawkeye fan communities at Black Heart Gold Pants. He was a terrible nose tackle in high school and D-III ball in the late '90s, and appreciates the quality of an offensive line more than most.

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  • Brian McClure posted 2047 days ago

    Brian McClure

    adam just one question, which walmart do you prefer to get your u of m gear from? your drake harris article is clearly biased towards the most overrated and over-hyped teams in the country second only to notre dame

  • Charles Holley posted 2056 days ago

    Charles Holley

    Adam I'm hearing some strange rumor that the BIG may go after both University of Virginia and Virginia Tech. Can you keep your ears tuned if you hear anything.

  • Whiplash Justice posted 2068 days ago

    Whiplash Justice

    What would you think about this round of B1G realignment being North/South based (with one "new" eastern school in each division) instead of East/West? In my mind it seems that other than time zone considerations (which in all honesty aren't all THAT important) a N/S alignment would allow more "east coast media" exposure for EVERY B1G team - not just those in an "Eastern" division. Thoughts?

  • Benjamin Klein posted 2110 days ago

    Benjamin Klein

    Hey Adam,

    Just wanted to let you know how great your series on college football coaching staffs was. Fantastic, top-of-the-line work. Keep it up.


  • John McGonigal posted 2139 days ago

    John McGonigal


    My name is John McGonigal, and I'm a Penn State Featured Columnist here at B/R and a journalism student at Penn State. For one of my classes, we have a group final project that's due next Monday, and I was hoping I could interview you over the phone for it.

    The focus of the project will be to determine what are similarities and differences between the two types of journalism: broadcast and print. The aspects we will bring up will include, but are not limited to: preparation, approach, skill set, career path, compensation, etc.

    The interview won't take more than five to six minutes, and if you could help us out sometime this week that would be fantastic.

    Thank you,

    John McGonigal

  • Todd Yurk posted 2149 days ago

    Todd Yurk

    I now know how "spot on" your prognostications of the BIG 10 Championship game are, as does anyone wasting their time reading your "puke". Why not just close your big pie hole, give your fingers a rest, and just continue to feel good about how great you are. See...you don't even need a job title for that. Don't you feel blessed?

  • James Simpson posted 2177 days ago

    James Simpson

    Pretty one sided article about the MSU game, if you take the bad calls that Nebraska was called for that gave MSU points the game would have been over. Both teams played terrible and they are calling PI very tight this year. I think the Big10 Refs need lots of work they are terrible in the whole conference.

  • Jim Lahey posted 2185 days ago

    Jim Lahey

    you remind me of randy, except with a shirt on

  • matt posted 2219 days ago


    great articles dude, keepem coming. Whos up for getting rid of Chris Chase from Yahoo sports?

  • Moe Shemp posted 2259 days ago

    Moe Shemp

    Not so fast Buckaroo, former players will continue to fight the battle, and surprise surprise todays date, August 14, 2012 story in StateCollege.com PSU BOT member Mr. McCombie DID NOT repeat DID NOT give up the lawsuit. Link Below, check it out.