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My name is Jim Vollmer. I am a Business student at the University of Detroit Mercy, and I am working towards an MBA as well as minor degrees in English, Philosophy, and Sports Management. But more importantly, for the purpose of this bio, I am an avid sports fan. In 1997, the Detroit Red Wings won their first Stanley Cup in 55 years and the first championship for Detroit in my lifetime. This victory, and more distinctly the crystal clear memories of my Grandpa and Dad's joy and celebration, launched me into the world of sports fandom.

As I have grown older I have developed a love for most all North American sports, but my heart still lies with Hockey and Combat sports--Boxing and MMA. I have played and practiced both of these two competitions. I have also become fascinated with the business side of sports. From CBA negotiations, to the importance and power of agents, the drama behind the business world of sports can sound like an episode of Mad Men.

Anyways, eventually I hope to be an active writer for the Bleacher report so that I can share my thoughts and opinions with the rest of the fans around the world.

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  • Chris Madden posted 3023 days ago

    Chris Madden

    Hey Jim, Thanks for being a fan. I look forward to reading some of your stuff!

  • Geoff Ratliff posted 3039 days ago

    Geoff Ratliff

    Thanks for reading and enjoying my NBA trade column. You can read more on sports and pop culture from me and my team of writers on my popflyboys.com website.