I'm very happy Bleacher Report contacted me about coming on board and now be a contracted columnist for them.

I started as a die hard wrestling fan. It was at the age of 3 that I became hooked on watching wrestling. I grew up in the Maryland/DC area. My grandfather worked on the business/promoting side with smaller regional promotions & shows. This allowed me to meet a lot of great wrestlers in the early 90's as we drove them from airport to hotel to venue. Fantastic experience for a little kid to grow up around and it was in this time I knew I would spend my life working with pro-wrestling.

The biggest peak behind the biggest curtain came from getting some time on the road with WWE's production team which opened a lot of networking doors.

I then began to grow my brand and it evolved into me being able to do wrestling analysis in TV, print and radio. I created and co-host a wrestling talk show filmed in studio called Chair Shot Reality. I also have a syndicated wrestling radio show.

When I'm not commenting on wrestling, I'm working with it. I began working with PWO Wrestling/Prime Wrestling and it was a great ride. We did several successful iPPV's at a pavilion in Cleveland with a couple thousand people. The company was aired on DirecTV and ended its deal with Fox Sports in 2013, which led to the company closing its doors. I then began working with IWC Wrestling based out of Pittsburgh as a performer and writer.

I've appeared on various radio stations & morning shows around the country talking wrestling. I've also been a repeated guest talking wrestling on NBC Sports' "The Crossover" with Michelle Beadle.

Follow me on Twitter @JustinLaBar

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  • Humanoid posted 1476 days ago


    Bring Back Reality check and the videos you and Big Nasty would do.

  • Robert Caines posted 1490 days ago

    Robert Caines

    What happened to the videos you and Big Nasty used to do? They were so entertaining and now I can't find a video on the site by either one of you two.

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  • Eric Brown posted 1713 days ago

    Eric Brown

    http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1958654-report-sting-wants-to-face-the-undertaker-at-wrestlemania-xxx Seems Sting is onboard for Vs. Taker at XXX, Should the Fans, as WWE and various people have said, 'Hijack' RAW, Smackdown, and Feb 24th RAW chanting "UNDERTAKER" and "WE WANT STING"?

  • The Osh posted 1716 days ago

    The Osh

    Hey man. Serious question.

    Do you think the WWE will do a hit piece on CM Punk for leaving?

    (i.e. the Ultimate Warrior dvd from a few years back)

  • Championship Material posted 1729 days ago

    Championship Material

    Your Bryan push article is so bad it could be a troll, lost a lot of respect for you Labar...

  • Luis David Long Beach posted 1746 days ago

    Luis David Long Beach

    Love your vids mano....Haters gonna hate...

  • Casual Fan posted 1749 days ago

    Casual Fan


    Watched this video, thought it was awesome. Just wanted to ask how involved you are with this side of the WWE universe?

  • GOOD-BYE posted 1776 days ago


    I'm working on a G.O.A.T. list. Can I have your top 10 G.O.A.T.'s? (Superstars, then divas)

  • GOOD-BYE posted 1776 days ago


    I am a member of the IWC just like each and every one of you are. I'm not gonna sugarcoat and pretend I'm someone I'm not.