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Blue Jays, Blue Jays, Blue Jays: three things I think about and occasionally write about. Tell me why I'm wrong in the comments section, please and thank you.

Toronto, born and raised, via Kingston for four years at Queen's University.

I'm also a Leafs fan...I wanted to write "unfortunately" somewhere in there, but I'm trying to get away from my whole "self-loathing Leafs fan" thing.

Peace, love, & Coca-Cola...

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  • Ben Merrick posted 1902 days ago

    Ben Merrick

    I was just reading one of your articles, when I realized I recognized the writer, (even though I knew you as Coxie). Hilarious to see a fellow Kilcoo guy on here, of all places. You may not remember me, I was in 24 back in 2012. Anyways I'm a big Jays fan and I just thought I'd say your articles are a great read, they definitely give me a great perspective on this team. You were missed up at Kilcoo this summer! Rip Ram

  • Amber Lee posted 2423 days ago

    Amber Lee

    Ha! Right?! David Akers said he loved my slideshow...I was bragging about it to everyone on Gchat last night. Nobody was as impressed as I felt they should have been. :)

  • Amber Lee posted 2424 days ago

    Amber Lee

    Hey there Tim ;) Thanks so much for fanning me on here, I really appreciate the support. I see that you're a relatively new writer, so naturally I've returned the fanning favor! Feel free to get in touch on here or via Twitter if you ever have any questions about writing for b/r. Thanks again!

  • James Battle posted 2425 days ago

    James Battle

    Hey man thanks for becoming a fan of me. Welcome to Bleacher Report, from one Toronto sports fan to another.

  • Matt Wiseman posted 2427 days ago

    Matt Wiseman

    Thanks for being a fan of my work, Tim. Welcome to the B/R writing community!