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  • Robert Chado posted 1099 days ago

    Robert Chado

    Hey Kyle,

    About a month ago you wrote an article on a guy who ran a half marathon while drinking a beer every mile. This past weekend I did the full marathon with a beer every mile in just under 5 hours. If you have any interest in another article I'd love to tell you my story as I believe this is the first ever beer marathon. I appreciate what you do and if you are interested you can get in touch with me at robertchado3@gmail.com.


  • Matt Bonfield posted 1307 days ago

    Matt Bonfield

    Kyle -- your "report" about the Wrigley Marquee is blatantly false and a video HOAX. The bulb format hasn't been used in quite some time on the marquee. Not to mention, it's slanted completely differently from the signage above.

    Do yourself a favor and process the video through this program to prove it's FAKE:

    You fell for it and got burned by a prankster. Thank you for making the entire internet believe that even the Cubs are unable to be modest even after 108 years. We appreciate it.

  • Matthew Tyndall posted 1593 days ago

    Matthew Tyndall


    My name is Matthew Tyndall and I work for a local production company in Charlotte called, Priceless Misc. As a team of die-hard Carolina fans, we have been so excited about the Panthers’ season success and wanted to find a way to show our Panther pride all over the internet. After a couple weeks of work, we created a free emoji keyboard that we call, Purrmoji. This keyboard features fan-favorites like The Dab, Stone Faced Ron Rivera and Charlotte’s beloved Disco Chicken.

    Since it’s release on Tuesday January 19th, we have had 10K+ users and climbing as we get closer to Sunday’s big game! It’s quickly becoming a viral hit in Charlotte.

    Fans are loving Purrmoji and we can’t wait to see how they use them during the NFC Championship. If you would like to talk more about our keyboard, or would like quotes from it’s creators, feel free to reach out to me. You can download Purrmoji from at http://purrmoji.com/.

    TWC News: http://www.twcnews.com/nc/charlotte/news/2016/01/20/panthers-emoji-app-launched-by-charlotte-based-companies.html

    Charlotte Observer: http://www.charlotteobserver.com/sports/nfl/carolina-panthers/panther-tracks/article55599105.html

    CLTure: http://clture.org/charlotte-based-companies-develop-panthers-themed-purrmojis/

    Keep Pounding,
    Matthew Tyndall

    Partner - Priceless Misc

  • Ben Bennett posted 1605 days ago

    Ben Bennett

    Kyle, I just wanted to pass along a link to the latest 3D Projection Mapping intro for the Halifax Mooseheads. I was the Creative Director on the previous presentation you reported on in April of 2014. If you're interested we just debuted a new one on Friday and Saturday evening https://vimeo.com/151266059.

  • Jodie Grigio posted 1638 days ago

    Jodie Grigio

    Great article about manziel liking a tweet. It was awesome man.

  • Giles Simpson posted 1681 days ago

    Giles Simpson

    Alley oop! Like it mate. You're right tho

  • Skip E. Bayless posted 1681 days ago

    Skip E. Bayless

    Please stop using the word "turnt" in your articles incorrectly

  • Dan Reischel posted 1711 days ago

    Dan Reischel

    Kyle, check out this man-on-the-sreet-style video "Eagles fans get up close and personal with the Pope" https://youtu.be/WaN3Ym70FQo

  • Adam Sandler posted 1741 days ago

    Adam Sandler

    Might not be 120 in 5 minutes but the 50th pick of this years' draft Marcus Eriksson did make 78/81 threes and 52 in a row in 5 minutes. In street clothes of course.

  • Ty Kish posted 1748 days ago

    Ty  Kish

    Kyle, I have some story ideas I want to run by you, can you send me an email at CityLeagueHoopsTV at gmaildotcom