Stephen A. Smith

Stephen A. Smith


I am a 15 year journalist who was born in Hollis Queens, NY. I also appear on ESPN, I either give information and my opinion on Sportscenter, or I do my show with Skip Bayless called "First Take" amongst other special appearances.

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  • Knickerbocker posted 2484 days ago


    KWAME BROWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • K Jones posted 3229 days ago

    K Jones

    This is Kwame Fisher-Jones Stephen, appreciate the offer but Im good.

  • Steven Rayne posted 3246 days ago

    Steven Rayne

    Stephen Naismith

  • Stephen A. Smith posted 3247 days ago

    Stephen A. Smith

    just look at his name that clearly shows he just wants people to ignore me like a typical skip bayless fan

  • Gil Avni posted 3257 days ago

    Gil  Avni

    lol is it really?

  • Gil Avni posted 3262 days ago

    Gil  Avni

    I agree that Bynum has some serious immaturity issues that really do limit his game, but he is still a huge presence. Unless they are getting Dwight for Bynum, it isn't worth it. Additionally, we don't even know what Dwight's injury will be like for him going forward.

    At this point with the Lakers salary cap issues, how can they better their bench?

  • Stephen A. Smith posted 3262 days ago

    Stephen A. Smith

    @gil they will need to get rid of bynum which i believe they will

  • Gil Avni posted 3268 days ago

    Gil  Avni

    Stephen A, what are your predictions for this Lakers off-season???

  • Stephen A. Smith posted 3274 days ago

    Stephen A. Smith

    @Skip of course you will become a fan because I am simply more knowledgeable than you

  • Stephen A. Smith posted 3274 days ago

    Stephen A. Smith

    @Skip, you told me in the studios you weren't getting an account! Looks like you have lied about something again!