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Grew up in the South and am an SEC fan. In pros, I'm an Atlanta Falcon and Braves (homer) fan. I also have liked Pittsburgh since the Terry Bradshaw days and Denver since the Elway days.

I have had a blessed and full life to this point but I'm still young. I want to learn to be a good sports journalist. I am working and learning the ins and outs of sports journalism, thanks to Bleacher Report. I am looking for opportunities to contribute for newsprint or on line sites. If you have a place for an up and comer, please contact me here or at:

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  • Zac Chrisman posted 2154 days ago

    Zac Chrisman

    Hey there Kevin, If you wouldn't mind, can you do a write up on tennessee recruiting. I would like to see where we stand what prospects we are targeting. who we are likely to get to sign. and anything on recruiting possible. I enjoy reading your articles and can't wait to read on your recruiting report for the Tennessee Vols. May our program rise from the ashes and become better!

  • Kevin King posted 2182 days ago

    Kevin King

  • Stoney posted 2240 days ago


    Kevin you will be sorely missed around here. Thanks for all your great work, hope to see you back on the board again soon.


    John T.

  • Vann Shortt posted 2245 days ago

    Vann Shortt

    Hey Kevin, just posted a reply to this Byrd character. Guy has a lot of pent up hate for a person who is 59. He should be at the point in his life where he is enjoying the little things, as I am.....

  • southcarolinafirstusc posted 2248 days ago


    Hey Kevin, I believe the SCU thing was in the title of that article not sure tho it's been a while.

  • Minnie Tai-Sangani posted 2250 days ago

    Minnie Tai-Sangani

    You're welcome! I'm glad to help out!

  • Emmanuel Altenor posted 2251 days ago

    Emmanuel Altenor

    You're welcome, Kevin. Great list!

  • Geena Barret posted 2253 days ago

    Geena Barret

    Haha no problem, and thank you!

  • Tiffany Brennan posted 2264 days ago

    Tiffany Brennan

    You're welcome, Kevin!

  • Vann Shortt posted 2268 days ago

    Vann Shortt

    Hey Kevin, question for ya...
    Does the media dislike UT much as I think they do?

    Why is it last year, UT had no runs for over 20 yards and the media outlets (TV, blogs, newspapers, websites) and UT was blasted for their run game week-in and week-out. UT runs for 198 yards in first game this year and all those outlets now blast UT run game by taking out the 2 long runs. UT already has 2 more 20+ run than they did all of last year.
    So now the prognosticators are up in arms about all the other runs. I saw a guy in Neal (hasn't played running back for over a year) run it outside a little too much, but coaches will fix that. I also saw a very confident Marlin Lane running straight ahead. Take away a few basic coachable mistakes and UT runs easily for 240-250 against NC State.
    If you remember in one of my posts a while back I predicted run game would be between 180-200 against NC State. No matter how they get there, I was correct.

    I know that ESPN has never given them any love (their love-fest every year is Notre Dame, USC, Michigan and Ohio St). I guess I would have to learn who ESPN board of directors are to answer that.