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I'm a long-time Pens fan from Western PA (now living in Los Angeles). For many years, I was unable to follow the Pens closely. I have had a demanding job and have been living in hostile territories (Washington, DC) and a place that just doesn't care about sports if it's not the Lakers or Dodgers (Los Angeles, of course). Plus, the East-West time difference doesn't help. Last year, while forced to quit working while I was treated for cancer, I ordered NHL Center Ice, and was able to become a hardcore fan again (and the timing was great). Now I'm hoping to stay more involved in hockey. I read more and I'm working on my writing. I'm starting a documentary about learning to play hockey at the age of 40.

I suffered from Hodgkin's disease, the same type of cancer Mario Lemieux had in the early 90s. During my treatment, he was my inspiration. While our treatments were different, they were similarly difficult and debilitating. I am always reminded of the day Mario finished his treatment and played against the Flyers (he scored a goal and an assist in their 5-4 loss to Philadelphia).

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  • mark james posted 2142 days ago

    mark james

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  • Keith Shelton posted 3925 days ago

    Keith Shelton

    thanks. yes, Brett will definitely be remembered for his time with the Blues and his Stanley Cup winning season with the Stars, I was mainly just trying to focus on his playing days in Detroit which were still some of his best seasons even at the age of 39.

    Yeah, I don't know about that Brad guy. His only purpose on this site is to spread his ref conspiracy garbage while not writing a single article. I'm done replying to him, lol.

  • Steve Prudente posted 3926 days ago

    Steve Prudente

    It's definitely a high risk maneuver. I wasn't for it at first but after hearing him talk on one of the local stations, he's very enthusiastic about it and that makes me happy. It should make the Flyers better on the ice and in the locker room immediately. They gave up some picks but I think that was because they wanted that "final piece" now, not 5 years from now.

    People were saying they got Pronger to stop Crosby and Malkin, but we all know that you can't structure a team around another team's stars, and one guy isn't going to stop both of them. That said, this will definitely make the rivalry that much more intense.

  • Steve Prudente posted 3928 days ago

    Steve Prudente


    So obviously you wouldn't know the feeling, but I've created a list of the most tortured hockey franchises of recent memory. Check it out when you get a chance and let me know what you think if you feel so inclined.


  • Greg Eno posted 3938 days ago

    Greg Eno

    Hi Eric...

    Thanks for reading my stuff! Glad you enjoyed it.

    Been doing this for over 25 years and I have, indeed, gotten to meet a lot of interesting people. I remember talking to Steve Yzerman after a game when he was a shy, 18-year-old rookie. No reporters were around him and I started asking him some questions. I could barely hear his answers! Little did I know.....

    As for the "handshake flap", I think Crosby certainly should have shaken hands, but I don't think his not doing so was a show of disrespect. I think he just got caught up in the moment. I'm sure he didn't DELIBERATELY not shake hands. That's silly.

    Keep reading! :-)

  • Keith Shelton posted 3940 days ago

    Keith Shelton

    and that Brad guy is a troll haha. Check it out, hasn't written a single article, pretty much just goes around hijacking article discussions with his ref conspiracy theories =/

  • Keith Shelton posted 3940 days ago

    Keith Shelton

    Thanks Eric, at least the NHL amended the scheduling last year to allow teams like Detroit and Pittsburgh to play a home and away game every year. I think that's about as good as we'll ever get. Who knows though, Pittsburgh remains undeniably the best team in the Eastern Conference, Detroit remains the best in the West. Pending any possible moves anyone else makes, these two teams might meet again for a 3rd time next year.

    Thanks for the complements, I appreciate it

  • Phil Hopersberger posted 3940 days ago

    Phil Hopersberger

    Thanks for your kind words on my Bylsma article. I see we're also PSU fans too. We lived in SC for 12 years (my wife is a grad) and it was heavenly...and they beat Miami 14-10! :-)

    Here's another one I wrote about Dan during the Chicago series.

  • Chris Miller posted 3947 days ago

    Chris Miller

    I read your post on Greg's board and noticed your disliking of my comment left on his article. I apologize for how offensive it might have been to anyone. However, being called a homer, nah I'm not there yet. I wouldn't be on B/R if I was. I actually picked Detroit in 7, although no evidence on B/R to note that. Regardless, I apologize for the comment and its distaste. Developing a poor rep on the site is something not to be desired.

  • Greg Cooksey posted 3947 days ago

    Greg Cooksey

    Thanks Eric!

    I appricaite yourthoughts and want you to know that I take no offense to your comments. I understand where Chris was coming from, I was like him in that I did not want to hear anything negative about my Cleveland teams but realized after a while that sometimes that is what the truth is! Thanks for your encouregement!