A longtime Pittsburgh sports fan from New Jersey. I have a passion for baseball like no other and someday I hope to be the one to lead the Pittsburgh Pirates to the playoffs for the first time since the year I was born. I am currently enrolled at Elon University in North Carolina where I am double-majoring in Sport/Event Management and Business Management. Follow me on Twitter @DmndPrspcts!

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  • Melissa Lohr posted 3188 days ago

    Melissa Lohr

    It was a pleasure, Kyle, and thank you for the fan add and nice comment!

  • Tyler Hixson posted 3206 days ago

    Tyler Hixson

    No problem Kyle, and thanks for the fan add. Much appreciated!

  • Ben Millikan posted 3227 days ago

    Ben Millikan

    Glad I could help, Kyle.

  • Grant Hughes posted 3227 days ago

    Grant Hughes

    Even though I'm a Bay Area sports fan, McCutchen is my favorite baseball player (thanks to owning him in fantasy since he was a prospect). What's up with his K:BB this year? Seemed to start out being really aggressive, but I haven't watched enough ABs to know for sure. I assumed after 89 walks last year, he'd walk more than K this season. Any inside info?

  • Sean Hojnacki posted 3231 days ago

    Sean Hojnacki

    True about Hughes. And then Nova just pitched his best game of the season last night. That's the thing about baseball. There's a lot of games. Don't panic, there'll be plenty of time for that later.

  • Sean Hojnacki posted 3232 days ago

    Sean Hojnacki

    Nice one, Kyle. You're only 10 articles in and you're burning it up already. I know the Yanks like Garza, but I'd be reluctant to give up too much for him. Does he know how to pitch without that chin beard? That's a no-no in NY.

  • Jared Newman posted 3234 days ago

    Jared Newman

    Sure! Any time. Great look at MKG