Ken Foss

Ken Foss


Ken Foss is B/R's resident deconstructionist. That means he whines a lot. Living in a place where it snows in April will do that to you.

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  • Mike D posted 2939 days ago

    Mike D

    Ken, long time no yap -

  • Rallo Tubbs posted 2995 days ago

    Rallo  Tubbs

    BR Fantasy Football League (Slideshow Version)

  • Rallo Tubbs posted 2995 days ago

    Rallo  Tubbs

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  • clifford redman posted 2996 days ago

    clifford redman

    guy got what he deserved its that simple by te time the cops show up the guy wouldve been long gone he blasted a women from behind and u condone it u backwards hillbilly no wonder mainers r messed up

  • Ed Kapp posted 2996 days ago

    Ed Kapp

    Mr. Foss,

    I appreciate your level-headed, common-sensical approach to assault. It's unfortunate that more of your readers get caught up in the moment (much like Huerta) and make dumb, unwarrented remarks.

    Keep up the good work,

    Ed Kapp

  • Tony Crane posted 2996 days ago

    Tony Crane

    Sorry, nice try but those aren't mutually exclusive. You can be both and you are. But like I said I can't blame you for being a coward. I can however fault you for condemning a man who inst a coward because you are envious. So which is it? Short and fat or tall and skinny? Or a combination of that?

  • Donnie Brewer posted 2996 days ago

    Donnie Brewer

    Quote: "While you may not care right now, Roger Huerta's actions could, potentially, have lead to that man's death."

    Are you freaking serious? The dude sucker punched that girl and he was huge!! What about if his punch led to her death?

    Huerta tried talking to the dude who just wanted to fight and Huerta gave him what he wanted. Well maybe next time that "chick hitter" will think twice before hitting anybody.

    I appluad Huerta with his actions in this scenario. And I am glad to see your poll show that your readers definately don't agree with you.

  • stoker shittalker posted 3034 days ago

    stoker shittalker

  • T.P. Grant posted 3062 days ago

    T.P. Grant

    hey man, my rankings for June, if you have time

  • jason hughes posted 3082 days ago

    jason hughes