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Michael is a former Featured Columnist for Barcelona, Real Madrid, La Liga, and the Spanish National Team.

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  • Adel Janevic posted 2105 days ago

     Adel  Janevic

    Hey, Michael. I don't know if you are still on this site but I'll just go ahead and ask you a question. Who do you think is the next big Basque star that will emerge from Athletic Bilbao's academy after the recent rise of the likes of Muniain, Herrera, Itturaspe, Susaeta, and Laporte? Out of the next set of youngsters they have right now, who do you think will make the next step up.

  • Ahmd AbdAllah posted 2306 days ago

    Ahmd AbdAllah


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  • William Manthon posted 2385 days ago

    William  Manthon

    Hi Michael, Im back to my old account!!!Hows work

  • CHAK BOUNS posted 2393 days ago


    Hi Michael! well the Atleti machine continues to roll , great win against Athletic, the Koke-Costa combo has been fantastic and Villa is finding form at the right moment, i'm still a bit worried that depth will cause them problems later on but so far so good.

    Also what's your view on the Barca defense, it has been surprisingly solid, but do you think it will keep it's form for the rest of the season and especially in the CL knock out stages.

    By the way, Real Madrid's backline is a an absolute mess.

  • Andy Doubleday posted 2394 days ago

    Andy Doubleday

    Hey, Michael.

    No worries about the time, no problem at all.

    Well, the fans are at it again. Once again, they jump to quick conclusions. One minute a flop, the next minute a hero. In my opinion, Bale should never have been bought, 60 million or 100 million. I never doubted his talent and knew he would succeed here. But my problem was the cost of doing that. In getting a good thing, we might have given away even more (Ozil). Just a matter of taking a step forward, yet two steps back.

    Rayo and Sevilla aren't exactly tough to break down, but we'll see.

    I have been pretty mad at Benzema lately. His link-up play is outstanding, yet his inconsistency has been frustrating to say the least. But he has been pretty good this past week.

    I agree with you completely on calming down. Heaping praise or critisicm will NOT help.

    What you said earlier about the fans putting gigantic pressure on the club, due to Real Madrid being a "big club" made perfect sense. I mean, look at Lyon in the last decade. They had an absolute monopoly on France, and they also had some good runs in the Champions League. Lyon didn't care about football at all during that time. It was pretty much more luxury than recreation there. All the football was in Marseilles and Saint-Ettiene at the time. So Lyon's football team had absolutely no pressure. They were free to experiment, without fear of failure. The result? Continuous success. Of course, they are now lingering near the bottom of Ligue One, but they had a good success in the 2000s.

    Did I give you an impression that I was a Chelsea fan? I'm not, sorry. But they are my favorite English team. And yeah, Arsenal usually have a torrid December/January. But it feels different this time around. IDK, one transfer window can alter a whole season. Let's see what happens. I predict Chelsea to win their home leg in the Premiership, with Arsenal winning their leg at the Emirates.

    I think Arsenal will be top come January, but I predict the January transfer window to not be as busy as Arsenal fans have thought. This, in turn, will be a slight obstacle. Yet, I think Arsenal will be in the top 3 by May. I'm hoping for a Arsenal/Chelsea 1st/2nd place finishes, City third with Liverpool in fourth. I hope United finish in Europa positions, haha.

    I wanna hear your predictions. No if's, no but's:

    -Who will win this year's UCL?
    -When will RM finally win no. 10?
    -Could Atleti breach the top 2 (or even challenge for title) in the next 3-5 years?
    -Could Real Madrid EVER be a stable, efficient, healthy dynasty?

    Sorry for that last one. I am just desperate for RM to have a brain. Sorry for the long response, lol. And thanks for the feedback

  • Andy Doubleday posted 2415 days ago

    Andy Doubleday

    Exactly! The fans are too impatient, as is Perez.

    Manuel Pellegrini is a prime example. He had the highest points tally (before Mourinho came, of course) in the league and the best winning % of any Real Madrid manager. But unfortunately, Barcelona happened to be at their unstoppable best at the same time. That Real Madrid team played beautiful football. And Pellegrini was the only manager to get the best out of Ronaldo as a no. 9. He was sacked because he lost to Lyon in the Round of 16 and Barcelona late on in the league. Which, to be honest, is completely unfair and those 2 defeats mask what he really accomplished. Although, the Alcorcon result wasn't exactly pleasing.

    The thing is, everyone is anticipating La Decima. And that puts pressure upon everybody. We came oh so close in 2012, but Ramos had to miss :/.

    You look at every stable dynasty and you see a common core. The Barcelona of late, they have had a philosophy of possession, implemented youth, had a great tactician, and a willing director of sport. Bayern Munich has a common core of strict rules, economic restriction, banning of the release clause, and so many other little intricate things that make for an extremely positive work ethic. Nobody, and I mean nobody, wants to leave Bayern Munich (bar Gustavo and Gomez). You saw last year, many star players were benched, yet none said a word. Robben, Tymoschuk, Contento, Van Buyten, Starke, Rafinha, Luiz Gustavo, Mario Gomez, etc. Jupp Heynckes was provided more time, after achieving a disappointing 2nd place finish everywhere. It later bore fruit, as he won the treble the next year.

    Shutting up the spoiled fans and the idiotic fool Florentino Perez is near impossible. We always fall victim to the media. We don't address proper needs in the transfer windows. No patience, whatsoever. I feel Perez needs to go and we need to appoint a director of football. So far, they work for everyone. Franco Baldini at Tottenham, Txiki Begiristrain at Man City, Leonardo before he left PSG, Hoeness and Rummenigge at Bayern, etc.

    The only thing that gives me hope is that if Chelsea could win the thing, then SURELY we can. But year after year, I am left with a bitter taste in my mouth.

    No worries about the long comment, I actually enjoyed reading it. Thanks for the feedback.

  • Didier Drogba posted 2421 days ago

    Didier Drogba

    Hey Michael this was originally Will before those account problems. How have you been? Atletico are killing it. THe Koke-Costa combo is currently the best in La Liga. Neymar is literally copying Messi and successfully at times which is exciting. Madrid are woeful and can't do without Ozil as Isco always looks to score than set up. La Liga is finally surprising at the top!!! Roma are amongst the top 3 teams in Europe. What are they doing so new? I havnt seen Serie A due to lack of time.

  • CHAK BOUNS posted 2426 days ago


    Lol, well Atleti continue their terrific start, like you mentioned winning at the dragao is very tough, the fact that they won while playing badly for most of the game makes it even more remarkable, and they were without Costa, Suarez and Koke only played the last few minutes( still made an impact though). It looks like they mean business this year.

  • CHAK BOUNS posted 2427 days ago


    Thanks Michael! yes i'm afraid that depth will cause them problems, but like I said before Simeone might have something up his sleeve, tonight's game against Porto should give us a taste of what's to come.

    Also what do you think of Tiago? he's had a very good start to the season and I was surprised at how good he was in the derby.

  • CHAK BOUNS posted 2430 days ago


    Hey Michael! what a win for Atleti, they made Real look toothless for almost the entire match, a,d with some better finishing it would have been a thrashing, Koke showed Isco who the boss is, Costa is just brilliant, if only he wasn't such a jerk, and Filipe imo is the best LB in Spain.

    So what do you think? are Atletico legitimate title contenders? or will they fade out like last season ?