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  • Shlomo Goldberg posted 1774 days ago

    Shlomo Goldberg

    Way to sum up the state of the Wings.

  • Franklin Steele posted 2036 days ago

    Franklin Steele

    Virtual high five right back at you good sir. Hope you're having a good week Rob.

  • Dan Kelley posted 2077 days ago

    Dan Kelley

    Oh come now Rob, how can you not watch the movies??? I know Joshua Jackson was in Dawson's Creek, but DiCaprio was in Titanic and it doesn't change how badass he is in The Departed!

    Thanks for the compliments, man. Hope all is well with you.

  • Michael Prunka posted 2133 days ago

    Michael Prunka


    I just wanted to stop by and let you know that that "Most Outrageous" article you wrote is fantastic. One of the better pieces I've seen on B/R.

  • Jon Reid posted 2144 days ago

    Jon Reid

    No kidding, eh? Was running through my house like a kid on Christmas morning when I found out haha. Finally some hockey to write about. Arriving just in time too, as the NFL playoffs will almost be over when hockey starts!

  • Jon Reid posted 2152 days ago

    Jon Reid

    Thanks man. It's definitely nice to be a featured columnist now. And hope the Ravens get healthy and play some consistent football this postseason. I'm not overly optimistic, but hey, at least expectations are low this time around. Hoping to see some hockey in the next few weeks though. It'd be a nice late Christmas present :P

  • Jon Reid posted 2153 days ago

    Jon Reid

    Hey Rob, just wanted to say great job on your Ravens coverage this season. Looks like both of us hockey guys found something to write about during the lockout. On a hockey-related note, you think this new proposal will result in a season?

  • Michael Merritt posted 2262 days ago

    Michael Merritt

    Good Day Mr. Kirk,

    Though it pains me to credit someone associated with Red Wings, (I am a diehard Blackhawks fan), your quote on the softness of the Sedin Twins is legendary in my book. "Canuck fan, I think your twins are fantastically talented. They are two of the five best players in the league, arguably. But they are softer than a Kenny G. Holiday album wrapped in tissue paper and served up with a kitten-themed gift bag." I used to think Grantland Rice's quote regarding the Four Horseman of Notre Dame as the best sports quote of all time, but your Sedin Twins description is priceless. Needless to say, the Canucks have become despised by the Blackhawk faithful. We respect the Red Wings and their organization, though we loathe them, but the Canucks are a totally different story. I have been collecting, and documenting sports quotes, and your quote has made my top ten all-time. Great Job!

  • David Hallam posted 2294 days ago

    David Hallam

    "I love to watch, used to play" Just about sums up my life Rob.

  • Jacky Andrew Leung posted 2325 days ago

    Jacky Andrew Leung

    Jean-Marie Pfaff? Really?!! he's a village idiot!! haha