I love sports, just like everyone else on this site. I am from a very mixed up part of Pennsylvania where people like whichever Pennsylvania team is popular, or winning. I personally am a huge Flyers fan and I like the Phillies too. Hockey has always held the top spot for me, but baseball is easily my second favorite. Like most other sports fans I like almost all sports, I just don't follow them as closely.

I am a Philadelphia sports fan, but I don't like all teams that are from Philly. I know that Philly fans do get tagged with a reputation, but I think that I don't fall into that stereotype and think differently than a lot of Philly fans.

I'm on the Twitter: @xIanxBarryx

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  • Dan Kelley posted 2335 days ago

    Dan Kelley

    It was great to meet you too, Ian. Props to you and Rob for making the trip. I definitely enjoyed it, hope you guys did too.

  • Rob Kirk posted 2424 days ago

    Rob Kirk


  • Deleted Deleted posted 2433 days ago

    Deleted Deleted


  • Ian Barry posted 2433 days ago

    Ian Barry

    Dang those habs, dang them to heck!!!!

  • Rob Kirk posted 2433 days ago

    Rob Kirk

    F the HABS!!!