Andrew Gould—hey, that’s me!—writes for the Breaking News Team while also enabling his fantasy sports obsession as a Fantasy Baseball Featured Columnist and contributor to Bleacher Report’s growing DFS coverage. He spends his days perusing FanGraphs, dreaming of a time where the pitcher win becomes a distant memory and Brandon Phillips finally cares about on-base percentage.

Along with Joey Votto’s keen batting eye, he’s fond of fortune cookies, Space Jam, Steph Curry’s jumper and Game of Thrones. He loathes tired sports narratives, CBS sitcoms and Oxford commas. He also is getting weirded out by writing about himself in the third person.

Yeah, I’m actually going to switch to first person now. I’m a NY Giants fan who won’t greedily expect another title after already stealing two. I’m a Mets fan scared by cautious optimism I haven’t felt since 2006, and I’m a Knicks fan finding it harder and harder to root for a team owned by James Dolan.

Last year, my fantasy baseball rankings finished among the most-accurate analysts on FantasyPros. Yet somehow I didn’t win any of my multiple leagues. Seems about right.


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  • Top Running Back 2018:
    Trayveon Williams SO 733(rush)/180(rec)
    Jonathan Taylor FR 1806/54
    J.K. Dobbins FR 1190/130
    Cam Akers FR 813/102
    D'Andre Swift FR 509/129
    Travis Etienne FR 720/49
    Tavien Feaster SO 637/107
    Stephen Carr FR 321/189
    Najee Harris FR 306/23

    Top Quarterback 2018:
    Jacob Eason
    Drew Lock
    Shea Patterson
    K.J. Costello
    Justin Herbert
    Shane Buechele
    Jake Fromm
    Sam Ehlinger
    Hunter Johnson
    Myles Brennan
    Tua Tagovailoa
    Davis Mills
    Dylan McCaffrey
    Trevor Lawrence
    Justin Fields

  • Joseph Cobian posted 1374 days ago

    Joseph Cobian

    Can't believe you hating on Lonzo with that last paragraph. Tooth fairy reality...you are definitely a hater of Lakers....New York Knicks will suck again for 20 more years. Don't be a hater, hater!

  • Fred Rogers posted 1418 days ago

    Fred Rogers

    Hi Andrew,

    I was reading your article about the longest major league baseball games of all time, http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2700143-a-look-at-the-longest-major-league-baseball-games-of-all-time and noticed you omitted the Pirates/Braves game on July 26, 2011 that went 19 innings over six hours and thirty-nine minutes before the blown call by Meals that ended it.

  • Nate Loftin posted 1528 days ago

    Nate Loftin

    Final Jeopardy wagers are made before the answer is revealed FYI. That is why Ms. Timber wolf went all in.

  • Willie Ballgame posted 1939 days ago

    Willie Ballgame

    Much obliged.

  • Willie Ballgame posted 1939 days ago

    Willie Ballgame

    Can you write all of your articles using a Community theme, like you did in that 2014 article about what Community can teach us about fantasy baseball?

  • Bee Len posted 2051 days ago

    Bee Len

    I don't understand how the Royals can have home field advantage if they are playing in NY: Will the Mets tie the World Series at two wins apiece, or will the Royals jump out to a commanding 3-1 lead with home-field advantage on their side? Stay right here for Bleacher Report's live coverage of Saturday's Game 4, which will begin on Fox at 8:07 p.m. ET.

  • daniel harden posted 2332 days ago

    daniel harden

    yea I was disappointed to not see a draft kings lineup yesterday. how often do you do them?

  • Rich Mullins posted 2332 days ago

    Rich Mullins

    are you going to do your draft kings NBA lineup for tonight's games?

  • Tommy Chhe posted 2631 days ago

    Tommy Chhe

    It's merely a one win system where all categories leads up to one point aka one win. I think Yelich would help my steals totals too if he breakout too.