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Founder of the popular college football blog Kegs ‘n Eggs, Adam Kramer has also been featured on Rolling Stone, Fox Sports and Although Adam’s football career was cut short because of height and skill-related issues, he’s still able to offer up a very unique take on the world’s greatest game. He currently resides in Chicago, but his heart remains, and will always remain, in Las Vegas.

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  • Tim Tomaso posted 405 days ago

    Tim Tomaso

    Always wanted to know if this is the same Adam Kramer who helped the Banana Slugs win the first SHS Flag Football championship back in '02 . . .

  • Den Conroy posted 607 days ago

    Den Conroy

    Nice work on recruiting pitfalls. Worked for & until 4 or 5 years ago. In basketball, this happens after the kid signs an NLI in the fall before the player's senior season gets underway Bball season runs Nov-March. Then the coaching carousel starts, New coach arrives and evaluates the roster including recruits. Some coaches accept what he gets, but many ask some current players and recruits to head elsewhere. Fortunately admin of NLI rules now lets kid get through it all without drama.

  • Doug Wildman posted 1055 days ago

    Doug Wildman

    Hey Adam, I was disappointed there was no mention of the CUSA Championship in your not so ultimate guide to the weekend. FYI, CUSA was 4-1 in bowl games last year. Pay attention to the results of any head to head match ups between the MAC and CUSA in this years bowl games.

  • Brian Lee posted 1076 days ago

    Brian Lee

    Adam, perhaps you could do a piece on Alabama's non-conference schedule compared to Baylor's. Baylor's is highlighted because they all come on the front end. But they are very similar. Both have one FCS opponent (Alabama - Charleston Southern, and Baylor - Lamar). Alabama has (per CBS full rankings) # 78 Middle Tenn State and # 122 La-Monroe. Baylor has #88 Rice and # 108 SMU. Why doesn't Alabama get the same criticism as Baylor?

  • francis hare posted 1078 days ago

    francis hare

    Loved your column on Alabama as Villains---particularly since you tied the villainy strictly to the program's success, rather than any traditionally "villainous" behaviors. I deeply appreciate what an extraordinary time it is to be a Bama fan---and I assure you, that sentiment is much more widely-shared than outsiders might imagine. Long-timers like myself know full well the success won't last forever, and I hope you'll be as fair and balanced in writing about the team then as you are now! Thanks, Adam.

  • James Somers posted 1197 days ago

    James Somers

    Adam Kramer; I'm commenting on your article absolving Jimbo Fisher of responsibility in the assault case involving one of his players. I assume you went to college and studied journalism. In case you didn't, there are a few rules regarding delegating that should be mentioned to you as a refresher. The first is that you can delegate authority. The journalistic example would be your editor giving you an assignment to cover a story. The second rule is that responsibility cannot be delegated. The journalistic example is that your editor is responsible (along with you) for the repercussions of your article.

    These rules of delegation apply to football coaches as well. A coach recruits a kid, coaches him up in more things than football, including that as a member of the team, the kid is a public representative of the school. When that kid breaks the law, the coach is responsible in addition to the kid.

  • not a dumbass posted 1198 days ago

    not a  dumbass

    Adam Kramer you are a pathetic FSU apologist. It is beyond pathetic how much you are pandering to them and refuse to note the hypocrisy of dismissing the QB and then trying their hardest to keep the RB when they were accused of the same crime. FSU, with Fischer complicit, have created the most despicable entitled environment for their athletes. Until you resign or this site fires you I and many others are boycotting this website and are beginning petitions to call for your resignation. Enjoy your day knowing you are a disgusting person, unfitting to be called a human being.

  • Jamie Johnson posted 1201 days ago

    Jamie Johnson

    Mr. Kramer

    I just finish reading your article "Florida State, Jimbo Fisher Had No Choice but to Dismiss De'Andre Johnson" I agree that the kid deserved punishment but I'm not sure that this was the answer. You admitted that this young woman was the initial aggressor. But that is it... You go on to say how bad its to hit a woman and it should not be tolerated. And I agree with you however you and I are a product of a different generation. This kid is not. I also think you blew your chance to say something different and bring to the point that at no time should a woman raise her hand to hit a man and not expect to be hit back.

    What you should have also talked about in your story was the fact that young men today don't view females as the under-sized physical humans that you and I were raised to think they are. These young men have been raised by our society to not treat woman any different then any man. And that has transcended to not just a mental process but also a physical thought process. When that young woman raised her hand to him to hit him she became a threat to him she removed herself from a person he was having a verbal disagreement with and she put herself in a very vulnerable and dangerous position when she physically threaten bodily harm upon him. That was a bad choice that she made and it is a choice that deserve more scrutiny. This young lady shares a big part of the burden in this case.

    The irritation I have with these types of things is no one ever say anything about the female or the responsibility that she share when these issues happen. People should tell their daughters that the likelihood of a 120 lb woman hitting and beating a 6 foot tall 215 lb man is not going to happen therefore do not hit him or attempt to hit him. Just keep your hands to yourself. And hopefully he will do the same. I will never condemn anyone male or female for defending themselves from an aggressor male or female. The is his or her natural right as a human being and in my opinion anyone who does is not being fair to the situation the person would has been assaulted or about to be assaulted is in at that moment.

    But really all of this doesn't matter. The fact is this kids lawyer will beat this case hands down because she raised her hand to hit him and under the law he has the right to defend himself no matter how egregious the video look to the the rest of the world. and if his lawyer is any good he may be able to file a civil lawsuit against her for instigating an incident that caused him to loose his scholarship call it messed up but this is America and that my friend is the American way.

    Jay Johnson

  • Waterboy posted 1343 days ago


  • Waterboy posted 1343 days ago


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