I graduated from UT-Austin in 2008 and live to teach and inspire. I speak Spanish.

I also boast substantive newspaper reporting experience and consider this an important distinction when differentiating the parts that comprise "the media." I believe in what newspapers do--even when the content needs improvement--because a lesser-informed public spells the apocalypse.

Pick up your local newspaper and read the front page instead of first flipping to the sports or comics sections.

The Rockets' Clutch City years, the Bagwell/Biggio era and Nolan Ryan's retirement were childhood highlights.

I fervently support the Rockets and the Spurs. Manu Ginobili is my favorite athlete, and you need to know that above all else.

It isn't illegal to cheer for two division rivals. I promise.

When posing a question, follow this rule: Don't ask me about the PGA Tour, the NFL, NASCAR, the Stanley Cup Finals, that great high school football game last night, the U.S. women's curling team or the guy who just set a new pole vaulting record.

Want my opinion on a player or team from the MLB or NBA, or a pro cyclist? Shoot, but make sure your aim is better than Dick Cheney's.

Things that have prompted feelings of exultation in 2014: The Astros leaving their laughingstock ways in the dust, George Springer and a Spurs championship outfit that displayed teamwork and ball movement worthy of Smithsonian enshrinement. My writing privileges, it seems, have been revoked because of my extended absence. I last published a column when the Spurs conquered the Western Conference in 2013. Follow me on Twitter, and maybe I will pop up somewhere again.

Do not hesitate to e-mail me at rkleeman7@gmail.com. Follow me on Twitter @RobertKleeman.

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  • David Cohen posted 3192 days ago

    David Cohen

    It's been a long time since I've written anything, but this one is worth it. I'd love to get some feedback on this:



  • Tyler Collison posted 3238 days ago

    Tyler Collison

    My apologies, Robert. I may have had something to do with that. The font in your slides, when pasted from Word, was not the correct font, so when I used the magic eraser tool to AutoFormat, it likely took away italics. No worries.

  • Dan The Man posted 3785 days ago

    Dan The Man

    I am in a fantasy basketball keeper league and I already grabbed Splitter, Rubio and Childress at the end of last year. I was also looking at Pekovic, Asik, Kleiza, and a few of the Europeans drafted in the first round for this year. Do you have any recommendations on players coming over from Europe this year? It is an extremely deep league.

  • Frank Gray posted 3797 days ago

    Frank Gray

    Thanks for your work on the interview. I didn't see a link or anything around, but I still appreciate it.

  • Alex Sullivan posted 3813 days ago

    Alex Sullivan

    Breaking news, trade involving NO, IND, HOU and NJ


  • Rallo Tubbs posted 3818 days ago

    Rallo  Tubbs

    If Any1 Wants To Join My 12 Team 14 Roster Slot 1 IR No $ Keeper League IWill Need Your Facebook, If U have Aim and Email I will need 2 grade/scout your mock draft team aleast a B+ Roster Setup 1 QB 2 RB 2 WR1 TE D/ST 1 K 6 Bench Players NO FLEX PLAYER NO $ Dynasty ESPN League SCORING RULES QB: TD 6 25 YRD: 1 INT -2 RB: TD 6 10 YRD 1 WR SAME TE SAME D/St and Kicker learn when join da league+++ MUST USE ROTOWORLD.COM


  • Steven Resnick posted 3823 days ago

    Steven Resnick


  • al asifyouknow posted 3846 days ago

    al asifyouknow

    well..since no one wated to give play to my LeBron article on the NBA page...here it is...lol...lol

  • Steven Resnick posted 3847 days ago

    Steven Resnick


  • Steve Smith posted 3856 days ago

    Steve Smith


    I thought you might like to check out my latest piece about the possibility of Pat Riley and the Miami Heat creating a "Superteam" of Dwyane Wade, LeBron James, and Chris Bosh:


    Let me know what you think.


    Hotnuke aka Daniel Barber