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PBWA member. NBA Featured Columnist. Contributor to Sheridan Hoops & Hoops Habit.

An unbiased student of the art of basketball.

I hold no allegiance to any active teams or players.

I care more for the game than the business, but I will touch upon the organizational aspect of the NBA when need be. It is unfortunate, but contractual negotiations play a major role in the league as we know it.

In covering the NBA Draft, it's my belief that all 60 picks and those overlooked have the potential for greatness. Not every player must be a star to be an intricate member of their team.

The nameless are often the most important.

If you take anything away from my profile, it's that basketball is an art before it is a business or sport. If you choose to embrace that, you will see the game in an entirely different way.

A beautiful and gratifying way. The way I see and write of it.

For inquiries, one can reach me at either or my LinkedIn Profile at:

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  • Two Top Ten Rox posted 2047 days ago

    Two Top Ten Rox

    Mr Ogden,

    The Houston Rockets need a new article "Grading Rockets' Performance vs. Pacers - Taipei"

    Many thanks

  • Longman 2020 posted 2062 days ago

    Longman 2020

    Also, what you said about the potential in any draft pick and nameless players being the most important, that's fantastic dude! So many people do not get it. This is why I can't explain to my friends that Pablo Prigioni is a great player.

  • Longman 2020 posted 2062 days ago

    Longman 2020

    Love your input dude, it's hard to pull any bias from your stuff and after reading your profile I long to be your friend. Basketball is an art first, LOVE IT.

  • lilis obra posted 2083 days ago

    lilis obra

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  • 6 God posted 2089 days ago

    6 God

    I would love that haha that seems to be the first time the Raps actually have a good GM (excluding Ujiri)

  • 6 God posted 2100 days ago

    6 God

    The Raptors team you made in the NBA Draft thing would be a sick team

  • 6 God posted 2100 days ago

    6 God

    The Raptors team you made in the NBA Draft thing would be a sick team

  • Long gone posted 2120 days ago

    Long gone

  • Nour Sedki posted 2142 days ago

    Nour Sedki

    Hi mate. Just need you to do me a favor here. When WWE described Jeff Hardy as “one of the most popular WWE Champions in history” in their bio of him on his Alumni page, did they mean he was one of the most popular guys when he WWE Champion, or just one of the most popular guys overall? And what does ‘WWE Champions’ mean here; a WWE Champion (like John Cena is now) or any Champion in WWE like Curtis Axel or Ambrose for example. Thanks in advance, Maxwell!