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  • Phil Grimes posted 1818 days ago

    Phil Grimes

    Like I said, I could care less if Flacco is elite. He's been the best quarterback that the Ravens have ever had and he puts the Ravens in a position to win in the majority of games he plays.
    I just wanted to put out these arguments for why a case for Flacco being elite can be made and why he receives way too much flack.
    And, I think it's fair to give a quarterback credit for their winning. I agree it is a team effort, but no one remembers that when a game is lost. If you're the quarterback, you get the credit for winning and losing, and fortunately, Flacco has been on the winning end more often than not.

  • Phil Grimes posted 1821 days ago

    Phil Grimes

    By the way, stats aren't everything. Tony Romo and Mattew Stafford both put up some great stats, but how many people put them in the elite category? Not many, if any at all, because they do not win.

  • Phil Grimes posted 1821 days ago

    Phil Grimes

    For the record, this isn't meant to be an argument for the sake of it. I actually like talking football and you give a good perspective other than all that Ravens homers, so I enjoy this. I also am glad I could help you get 133 comments and a great deal of comments. I actually didn't notice your comment until recently and my account had a glitch and I am now able to comment.
    -Thank you for proving my point that an offensive coordinator can have a huge affect on the players in an offense. Drew Brees goes to New Orleans and hooks up with Payton and he's all of a sudden passing for roughly 1,300 more yards and 10, 15 more touchdowns per year all because of Payton? That would ignore the fact that Joe Flacco averaged like 50 more yards per game, one more touchdown per game, and like .5 less touchdowns per game under Jim Caldwell. (I actually didn't calculate those numbers exactly, rather just eyeballed them.) You say it's impossible to measure the impact because it would make your point even more moot. Fact remains that Brees was more mediocre with Cameron and then got good under Payton. Rivers was mediocre under Cameron and got good under Turner. Flacco was mediocre under Cameron and got good under Caldwell. As for the comments about Mettenberger, some coaches are just better fit for college. Chip Kelly is appearing that way through the first eight games. Nick Saban was a failed experiment in the NFL. Some coaches are just mean to be in the college ranks, not the NFL. It's an entirely different animal in the NFL.
    -Actually, Brady didn't sacrifice a great running game or defense. From '07-'11, Brady had two top 10 running games and ranked outside of the top 15 once and that was '11 where the Patriots scored the third most rushing touchdowns in the NFL. Did Brady sacrifice defense? Nope. From '07-'12, the Patriots defense ranked inside the top 10 five times and never ranked outside the top 15 in terms of points per game given up. That's pretty incredible. Brady also had the first, second, and sixth ranked defenses when he won the Super Bowl. So, Brady breaks out in '07, but he always had a great defense and running game from then on out. After James left Indy, how many Super Bowls did Manning win? Zero? Aaron Rodgers may not have had the great running game, but when he won the Super Bowl, he had the second ranked defense. (I only refer to points per game given up.)
    -Does Rice magically get worse? No, but he certainly has a fumbling issue and is not the same in the playoffs. You cannot argue with that. That fumbling issue actually has seemed to stretch into the regular season. I'll stay in the postseason, though. With the fact in mind that Rice doesn't run nearly as well or hold onto the ball. He has basically become a non factor in the playoffs. Just look at the stats and he progressively gets worse. Joe Flacco basically has to be the offense in the playoffs.
    -The Moore play was a joke because you said Flacco had absolutely no part in that. He didn't roll out, extend the play, or make the perfect pass on the run or anything.
    -Winning is a team function. As stated above, Brady has always had some great teams around him and Peyton always had offensive help with great receivers and only won when he had the running game and Edgerin James. Aaron Rodgers has never had anything less than a plethora of receivers and won with a great defense. You do not win in the NFL without a great team.
    -Actually, I did not ignore the five years of mediocre stats. I just totaled them together and compared them to Brady's first five years as a starter to show that Brady's numbers aren't drastically better and are worse in some areas. Not to mention that Brady got to sit behind a veteran for a year and just learn. I could have broken them down individually, but they'd still look similar to the Brees's stats during the Cameron years and Brady's stats during his first five years as a starter. By the way, at the time, Flacco was one of like four or five quarterbacks to ever throw for a combined 10,000 yards in his first three seasons combined.
    -Speaking of mediocre stats, this is the first year that Brady hasn't had great receivers and he's on pace to throw for less than a 56% completion percentage, less than 3,700 yards, 18 touchdowns and 12 interceptions. Does that mean he's mediocre since he can't put up numbers without great receivers? According to FootballOutsiders.com, like 46% of Brady's passes this season are "bad" passes. Hell, he just threw for a 59% completion percentage, 116 yards, one touchdown, and one interception against the Dolphins. I guarantee no one cares, though, because the Patriots are winning.

    You state a lot of things that are factually incorrect in your article and continued to do it here, such as when you said Brady's run game was non-existant. I understand you are a Jets fan, but you still have to fact check your stats before you say them. There is this thing called Google. It is quite easy to use, in fact.

    I'm not going insane over Flacco not being called elite. I could care less if he is or isn't. The fact is that he's winning a ton and won the Super Bowl. He's got one of the highest playoff winning percentages in the NFL. I'm really happy about that. Don't reply if you don't want to, but I just want to sure up your argument and show where you're wrong.

  • Phil Grimes posted 1842 days ago

    Phil Grimes

    I put this on the actual article, too, but I want to make sure you see this since you inspired it.

  • Thomas Cooper posted 2004 days ago

    Thomas Cooper

    A belated thank you for the edits on my Tottenham/Man City piece last weekend, Sam.

  • Craig Amos posted 2004 days ago

    Craig Amos

    Thanks for editing, Sam.

  • Giancarlo Ferrari-King posted 2006 days ago

    Giancarlo Ferrari-King

    Thanks for the edits Sam, tonight is going to be crazy!

  • Jon Reid posted 2010 days ago

    Jon Reid

    Thanks Sam.

  • Craig Amos posted 2018 days ago

    Craig Amos

    Thanks for the edit.

  • Jason S. Parini posted 2021 days ago

    Jason S. Parini

    Thanks for the edit and feedback, Sam. Keep up the good work as well. I especially love your most recent about why LBJ will never pass MJ. I grew up in Chicago during the Jordan dynasty and was at Game 1 of the '96 NBA Finals so of course I'm biased, but I entirely agree.