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Mark Reynolds began blogging in 2009. He started contributing for Bleacher Report in April 2012. He is a proud member of the vigilante sabermetric brigade, and an even bigger believer in old-school scouting. He is a graduate of the Dominican University of California, where he earned a degree in Political Science. In addition to writing for Bleacher Report, he contributes for Get Real Baseball and FanSided. You can follow him on Twitter at @markreynolds33.

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  • study a. write posted 2050 days ago

    study a. write

    the rays waited until the 11th hours to approve dejesus's option then signed him to a 2 year contract and an option year today. but, they might non-tender matt joyce, a dejesus clone who plays left, right and center but not at davids' ability.

  • study a. write posted 2138 days ago

    study a. write

    fine, I believe you know. and today he hit the three run home run. but, I found interest in stats. in 2012 he had 123 p.a. with r.i.s.p.. he hit .244 with 10 x.b.h.'s and drove in 45 of the 56 r.b.i.s' he had for the year. in 2013 he has 80 p.a., before today, with r.i.s.p.. he hit .250 with 10 x.b.h.'s and drove in 31 of the 37 r.b.i.'s he has for the year. the variance of o.p.s. from 2012 (.736) to 2013 (.842) is attributable to the fact he scored 39 runs in all of 2012, and already has scored 40 runs in those p.a.s.. is this correct, would runs scored effect his o.p.s. and how could this be in his favor when him scoring runs is a factor of those hitting behind him or crawfords' april and may, bogus

  • thals sf posted 2138 days ago

    thals sf

    Congrats on hitting a million reads...(again)

  • Evan Reyes posted 2176 days ago

    Evan Reyes

    You should write more trade deadline articles. Those are good. I think that the Giants should go after Rios.

  • study a. write posted 2243 days ago

    study a. write

    i also my friend. b.j. and justin (11 h.r.) back to back in the fifth of the second game, amazing,. not done since 1938, the waners..

  • study a. write posted 2244 days ago

    study a. write

    hi mark, for your information i moved and i am with the braves, always have been, but because i have not seen much of them, and i appreciate the articles written by you and others on the giants i decided to comment. and yes, i made distance between the west coast and myself.

  • John Reynolds posted 2307 days ago

    John  Reynolds

    800,000 reads.... wow ... people are chomping at the bit for your next article.

    Good Work Kid,

    Signed (Bleacher Report HR Department)

  • R. Alan posted 2471 days ago

    R. Alan

    Appreciated your thorough and well reserched artile on Angel Pagan. Thought it was very well done.

  • John Reynolds posted 2473 days ago

    John  Reynolds

    Fuck off with your sofa units and strine green stripe patterns, I say never be complete, I say stop being perfect, I say let... lets evolve, let the chips fall where they may. - Tyler Durden aka Mark Reynolds new avatar

  • John Reynolds posted 2502 days ago

    John  Reynolds

    Congrats on 200,000 reads Bro.