Hero 2.0

Hero 2.0


Favorite current wrestlers
1-Chris Jericho
2-Dolph Ziggler
3-Cm Punk
4-Brock Lesnar
7-Wade Barret
8-Randy Orton
9-Rey Mysterio
10-Cody Rhodes

My most favorite matches:

Triple H vs Chris Jericho in a Title Match at Smackdown 2001
undertaker vs shawn michaels wrestlemania 25
John Cena vs Cm Punk Money in the Bank 2011
Triple H vs Shawn MIchaels Hell In a Cell Match
John Morrison vs Miz Raw Title Match
Cm Punk vs Chris Jericho Extreme Rules
Bret Hart vs Undertaker Summerslam 1997
Edge vs Undertaker Wrestlemania 24
Edge vs Chris Jericho Extreme Rules 2010
Randy Orton vs Christian Summerslam 2011
Cm Punk vs Daniel Bryan Over the limit 2012
Kurt Angle vs Chris Benoit Royal Rumble 2003

Memorable Wrestling moments:
Cm Punk Pipe Bomb
Benoit wins Heavyweight Championship
Dawn Marie and Torrie Willson segment backstage
Kane wins Money in the bank match
D-bryan wins Money in the bank match
Jericho beats HHH on Raw for the title
Any Extreme expose segment
Stephanie Mcmahon and Eric B. Backstage kiss on Smackdown
Randy Orton wins WHC from Benoit
Y2J returns 2012
Trish Stratus and Mickie James Missletoe
Steve Austin heel turn 2001
Mankind wins WWF championship

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  • Sports Lover posted 2284 days ago

    Sports Lover


  • Sephiroth posted 2470 days ago


    Both are awesome! I prefer Zack though (shame he ain't alive anymore...)

  • What the heck is with all the parody acounts.I have the best acount in the world.

  • Why are cm punk,zig zag man and d bryan everyone,s favourite superstars.

  • In JBL We Trust posted 2472 days ago

    In JBL We Trust

    I am the longest reigning WWE champion in Smackdown television history. Del Rio? Alberto Del Rio is like Charles Haas Layfield-a cheap caricature of a legendary performer, a classic heel, a wrestling god like me. Unlike Del Rio, I actually HAVE money! So yes, I see a feud happening someday. When it does, Alberto and everyone else will bow at the feet of greatness!

  • The Killer posted 2473 days ago

    The  Killer

    Longer than you think, I'm here to troll the IWC.

  • Paul Levesque posted 2482 days ago

    Paul Levesque

    He will as a face but don't be surprised to see a turn later down the road

  • Step Taylor posted 2493 days ago

    Step Taylor

    Hey Hero 2.0.

    Thanks for reading my article. Glad you enjoyed it.

    Best to ya, and I hope you'll read my next piece!

  • Leonardo Splinter posted 2494 days ago

    Leonardo Splinter


  • Ryan Dilbert posted 2528 days ago

    Ryan Dilbert

    Thanks for the fan add. I hope you continue to dig my work.