I am a Sport Management and Editing, Writing, and Media double major at Florida State University. I have been following sports since I can remember and could not imagine my life without them. Watching, researching and analyzing the sports world is one of my passions in life.

I am an Orlando Magic and Carolina Panthers Featured Columnist.

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  • Fisty McBeefpunch posted 2801 days ago

    Fisty McBeefpunch

    way to keep calling Auburn's QB "Jordan" even though the title of your article should tell you that his name is "Jonathan." I hope that in your future articles you decide to research what you're writing about and at least get the starting QB's name right. Did you even watch the game?

  • Amy Coles posted 2810 days ago

    Amy Coles

    You're welcome, Stephen!

  • K Xerxes posted 3030 days ago

    K Xerxes

    Oh, don't get me wrong. I liked the article. It's just that I think it was a little too crude how you put it. From just that statement (why Howard deserves it) alone, it could be seen that players who don't play alone could potentially be disqualified from the process regardless of how good they actually are.

    Other than that, good article. I look forward to reading your work more.