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  • The Draftmare posted 2710 days ago

    The Draftmare

    My new man crush in this years draft is WR Quinton Patton lol. I really want the 49ers to draft another WR in the early rounds. I feel like he will be considered a 1st rounder by draft day. But we definitely need to adress some D needs early in the draft as well. Going to be really interesting how Free Agency will unfold.

  • Angie Kozak posted 2793 days ago

    Angie Kozak

    No problem! Thanks for making a case for my beloved Jets

  • Chinwe Orie posted 2800 days ago

    Chinwe Orie

    Yeah we will see too. Good job, I'm a fan.

  • Becca Brewer posted 2800 days ago

    Becca Brewer

    Hey Man! Glad you found the edits helpful. We'll have to see what happens with Hamilton. Gonna be an interesting one, for sure.

  • Matt Ramage posted 2813 days ago

    Matt Ramage

    Smith is not good at all and if Colin Kaepernick has one more good game he will take his spot but I guess he alread did.

  • Matt Ramage posted 2813 days ago

    Matt Ramage

    Ya I remember a month ago when you said that he was a franchise QB...... Now look at him. The 2nd string franchise QB

  • Matt Ramage posted 2813 days ago

    Matt Ramage

    HAHAHA how about Alex Smith now hahaha

  • Sam B posted 2860 days ago

    Sam B

    Further on the Alex Smith salary benefits:

  • Lynn McEachern posted 2944 days ago

    Lynn McEachern

    Haha, thanks Brandon! I'm not a real serious person, so I'm glad to entertain. Timmy Thomas is still one of my faves, regardless whether he's playing or not. :) Good to meet you!

  • Greg Maiola posted 2944 days ago

    Greg  Maiola

    Hey thanks a lot for becoming a fan! It's great to receive support within the B/R community and you have great work as well.