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Ryan O'Leary is a producer and writer for Bleacher Report's Video Production Department with seven years experience in the sports industry. Ryan covered the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Hockey Tournament with CTV, along with the 2011 and 2012 IIHF World Championships with the NBC Sports Channel. He was also a member of NBC's 2008 Olympic Coverage in Beijing. Ryan resides in New York and supports the Pittsburgh Penguins, San Francisco Giants and San Francisco 49ers from afar. Ryan received his bachelor's degree in Broadcast Journalism from the University of Missouri and Master's of Sports Management from West Virginia University.

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  • Thomas OLeary posted 2800 days ago

    Thomas OLeary

    Its the Pele over Maradona pick that is blasphemous......though I am sure a few Gretsky fans are upset.

  • YOLO DOLO posted 2941 days ago


    no wonder u give ovi so much shit, ur a pathetic Pittsburgh Penguins fan. Crosby is one concussion away from his career being over. How many games has ovi sat out last 2 years?? any injuries? No, crosby has been able to rest up, ovi has never stopped. Ur comparison is a joke. U just love the pittsburgh penguins. How did Malkin do before last year? hows he doing this year?? (hurt, again..) typical.

  • Andy O posted 2958 days ago

    Andy O

    Paul, I'm afraid that you're totally off the map. How about you let the Cup unfold before you make yourself look like another ignorant blogger.

  • Jamey Vinnick posted 2985 days ago

    Jamey Vinnick

    Maybe you should update your Cup Predictions video, Minnesota clearly isn't a cup contender and Vancouver clearly is

  • Paul Gonzaga posted 2998 days ago

    Paul Gonzaga

    your video about early Stanley Cup predictions is HORRIBLE, you know so little about hockey, I can't believe it

  • Tony Godin posted 3232 days ago

    Tony Godin

    This is for the shout-out in the play-off overtime.My answer is NO .Betman leave this one alone. You have done enough harm to the NHL .